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BMW repair Greensboro for Vacuum Hose Leaks

A vacuum is standard in any vehicle when its engine is running. There is however a difference when you note a vacuum hose leak in your BMW. This happens when certain components of your car malfunctions. A vacuum hose leak is not good news for your BMW and you cannot overlook the same. The leak will allow additional air to enter the engine leading to various issues like incorrect air-to-fuel ratio and engine troubles as well. If the vacuum hose leak is not treated at the right time at a Greensboro auto service, then this can lead to further problems. The vacuum hoses are responsible for supplying this vacuum to various sensors and actuators throughout the BMW. [...]

Your house does not look like your neighbors. So why do you think that your vehicle should look like the one they own? Even if you own a BMW no worries. You can get in customized to your taste. The way to do its is by choosing the perfect body kit for your BMW. With the right body kit your car will stand out from the rest while letting you enjoy all the attention that you need. Body kits come with customized components for replacing the stock ones. You can find many body kits in the market but not every will suit your vehicle. It not only affects the appearance of the car but also its functionality. Hence no compromises on that front. You can find it challenging to find the right body kit. So how do you go about the process?

Finding the right body kit for your BMW

Following are some pointers [...]

If you are BMW lover, this is going to be a good read for you. You will learn various aspects of the new BMW M3 and M4. Here we will explain how the system works and how the driver can maneuver it their own demands. Step in a modern M car and hit the road, and you’re going to have fun on a winding road or a race track. As you drive on, you’ll notice two different steering wheel-mounted buttons labeled “M1” and “M2”. Most road-going cars feature a Sport mode and a Sport+, or the equivalents, but BMW looks upon things slightly differently.

BMW’s M1 and M2 buttons come up with default settings, but modern M cars boast of [...]

BMW Head Gasket

Owning a BMW is indeed a dream come true for many, but with luxury also comes pain. Your BMW might have taken you on many joy rides, but remember this well that it is not devoid of problems. BMW is a sophisticated car, and it needs to be taken care of well. That is why you must be in the habit of taking your BMW to a BMW Greensboro NC auto body shop for its routine maintenance. A knowledgeable technician in BMW can help identify and resolve the issues quickly.

bmw greensboro

It is good to be a BMW owner, but owning one does not mean that you have to handle the repairs as well. A sophisticated and classy vehicle like BMW needs specialized attention and the repairs need to be handled only by BMW experts working at BMW Greensboro NC auto body shops. Many BMW owners are of the opinion that taking their BMW for repairs at an auto body shop can turn to be pretty costly. They try their hands at repairing the car on own and end up making a lot of mistakes. When it comes to BMW repair, it is necessary that you consider taking help from a professional, rather than getting it done on own.


The new 2019 BMW 7 Series Facelift seems to have been leaked on Instagram. As found in the Russian poster, the front end of the Life Cycle Impulse 7 Series will be lunched in the next few weeks. Considering the fact that BMW was holding VIP closed-room previews of the 7 Series, the news of leak seems to be accurate.

bmw greensboro nc

According to the experts in BMW Greensboro NC, the 7 Series seems to borrow a lot of cues from the X7. The front-end comes up with a slimmer headlights that combine with the kidney grille which now appears large in size, with massive chrome around it.

The lower part of the [...]

BMW X4 M40i

The introduction of the X4 back in 2014 took many auto experts by surprise. It was not only expensive but also less practical unlike its larger X5 and X6 siblings. To make things even more confusing, the X4 derived its name to highlight the fact that it was crossover version of the 4 Series, the replacement for the two door 3 Series models. Most, most remarkably, the X4 has four doors. Let’s dig deeper.

Notwithstanding a market conundrum, the old X4 still managed to find consumers like hot cakes. And, to keep its successful journey. BMW introduced an all-new second generation model.

The 2019 BMW X4 appears in the form of [...]

Till date, the BMW X7 has been the premium model that the brand boasted of, and even X7 enjoyed the attention in the market as well. But with the X8, the brand expects a shift in the interests since this is no less than the X7. In fact, the manufacturers and engineers believed that the X8 will be following more or less the X7, but it only gets better. Even the concept X7 i Performance was revealed soon and the brutal stance and affordable styling it showcased is expected to be followed in the X8 as well.


So taking into consideration that the X8 is under the manufacturing process, the brand might be highly enthusiastic about [...]


BMW lovers are completely crazy about the sports cars, and it is their critical eye that actually forces the brand to be specific about their models. The entire 2017 has been about the 5 Series for BMW, and when compared to the rest of the outgoing models, BMW Greensboro NC believes that the 530i has found the most improved performance, dynamics, and a better steering feel. It is undoubtedly mature and the maturity is not just in the performance on road and feel, but also on the distinctive styling both in and out. At the first glance, it might not look different from the previous models that have already hit the road, but when taken a closer look, you get to feel the difference one by one.

Most of the Sedans that [...]


Just like any other industry goes through a change in the way they do business, the automotive industry has had its own share of evolution as well. While most people looked after the technological aspects of the autonomous vehicles till date, there has been some shift in the approach as well. Now along with performance, car enthusiasts are also looking for comfort and luxury within the vehicle. Even self-driving vehicles are considered to be the future of the industry rather than the autonomous technology itself.

BMW Greensboro NC didn’t keep themselves much behind this growing trend and quickly came up with the first glance of how this futuristic car would look like. There’s the Inside Future Concept car revealed by BMW which was definitely breaking the trend. While the traditional concept vehicles [...]

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