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How Do You Know That BMW Head Gasket Needs a Replacement

BMW Head Gasket

Owning a BMW is indeed a dream come true for many, but with luxury also comes pain. Your BMW might have taken you on many joy rides, but remember this well that it is not devoid of problems. BMW is a sophisticated car, and it needs to be taken care of well. That is why you must be in the habit of taking your BMW to a BMW Greensboro NC auto body shop for its routine maintenance. A knowledgeable technician in BMW can help identify and resolve the issues quickly. However, there might be situations when you are not sure that you need to take your car to an auto body shop. For example, your BMW might be in need of a head gasket replacement. How can will you know that is what your car needs?

Well, removing and replacing a head gasket in a BMW is not a big task, and one can very easily do so if that is the need of the hour. However, that involves a lot of steps and is better to be left to the technicians. Certain tasks can be handled on own, but a BMW head gasket replacement is clearly the task of the pro. So, it is better to drive your vehicle to an auto body shop for quick BMW repair Greensboro. That is only going to happen when you are sure that the gasket has blown off. How can you know that things are pretty bad? Well, here’s how.

There are a few sure signs to make out that the head gasket of your BMW car has blown away and needs to be quickly replaced. So, once you notice the following signs, you will know that it is time to take the vehicle to the auto body shop without delay:

  • Coolant loss with no signs of leak
  • Coolant is leaking
  • The engine is overheating
  • There are bubbles in the coolant overflow tank
  • There are bubbles in the radiator
  • White smoke emission from the exhaust pipe

On first noticing the signs, make sure that you don’t overlook them. These signs can be probably because of any other issue with the vehicle. A thorough look into the car’s system will only highlight other serious issues. If not, then it might be a simple case of head gasket replacement.

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