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BMW Explains The Working of The New M3 and M4 M Modes

If you are BMW lover, this is going to be a good read for you. You will learn various aspects of the new BMW M3 and M4. Here we will explain how the system works and how the driver can maneuver it their own demands. Step in a modern M car and hit the road, and you’re going to have fun on a winding road or a race track. As you drive on, you’ll notice two different steering wheel-mounted buttons labeled “M1” and “M2”. Most road-going cars feature a Sport mode and a Sport+, or the equivalents, but BMW looks upon things slightly differently.

BMW’s M1 and M2 buttons come up with default settings, but modern M cars boast of a “Setup” button. As you press the Setup button, you will get a menu in the iDrive screen or the subsystems, and from there. It allows you to adjust the settings for the engine, transmission, steering, suspension damping, and even the brakes. You can also find separate buttons on the center console which help control traction, exhaust, and piped-in sound settings. In case you notice any issues with any of these components, take it in for BMW repair.

The advanced technology, as introduced in your M1 and M2, allows you to use those buttons as presets for your preferred setup. We recently took the BMW M2 for a test drive and set the M1 button for the chassis comfort to be more aggressive than standard with the engine response set for fun daily driving and freeway runs. Then we tested the M2 setting in a track-oriented setup. To do so, we reduced intelligent driver aids bust kept the advanced safety systems on for back road bombing.

The optional M Drive Professional comes in three prescribed modes – Road, Sport, and Track. Sport mode offers a more focused gauge cluster, and the head-up display demonstrates the RPM meter. Sport mode also turns off the intelligent driver assist systems and lowers the parameters on the advanced safety systems. Track mode brings a long press as it takes the M3 and the M4 to their most extreme settings. It is particular ideal for track as it turns off specific safety systems, including traction control, disables the iDrive screen, and features the sportiest gauges and aggressive engine and chassis settings.

Overall, BMW is an impressive car. In case you find any issue with your BMW, bring it in at BMW Repair Greensboro for inspection and service.

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