2017 BMW 530i- A Complete Redesign or a Big Refresh


BMW lovers are completely crazy about the sports cars, and it is their critical eye that actually forces the brand to be specific about their models. The entire 2017 has been about the 5 Series for BMW, and when compared to the rest of the outgoing models, BMW Greensboro NC believes that the 530i has found the most improved performance, dynamics, and a better steering feel. It is undoubtedly mature and the maturity is not just in the performance on road and feel, but also on the distinctive styling both in and out. At the first glance, it might not look different from the previous models that have already hit the road, but when taken a closer look, you get to feel the difference one by one.

Most of the Sedans that BMW has ever [...]


There have been stories written across the world, where one single man proves to be equal to thousands of others, and their feat gives them some distinction in the society. Similar is the story of Jaguar’s chief engineer, who not only designs it but also test drives each and every model before rolling out. And in return, he collects all the accolades that he receives from the Land Rover lovers because nothing can be a more integrated and enthusing ride ever than the Land Rover Range Rover Sports SVR.

A great trick that has worked out immensely for the Land Rover Greensboro is their collaboration with Jaguar and together coming under the umbrella of Tata. Hence they had to prove the synergy through one of their models, and Range Rover Sports SVR rolled out [...]

When you find these kinds of Mushrooms, it’s bad news. No, we’re not talking psychedelic fungus, but rather a common problem affecting the BMW E46 3-Series (as well as the BMW 3 Series). Unfortunately, the fact is, the OEM strut towers of your BMW E46 3-Series are a weak point of the car’s suspension and chassis, and so the forces acting on your shock absorbers or coilovers are also acting on the strut towers, flexing them slightly and slowly but surely stretching them out. Ironic that despite its great handling, the wear and tear on the BMW E46 Suspension itself is the problem.

The end result of which is more stretch than the elastic of Peter Griffin’s Tighty-Whities. Take a look at this example Mushrooming on an E46 with just 36k miles on it (Image via Rogue Engineering):

So what’s happening here?

BMW Engineers have long been in a struggle to shave weight wherever possible as they’ve added more and more features to [...]

Even though its the Z4 that is ought to roll under the BMW tag, experts are of the opinion that they should have badged it Z3. Because, going by the simpler terms, the Z4 concept vehicle is nothing but the reincarnation of the Z3 roadster which was on the market way back in the 1990s. However, the bulky hardtop has been shed, and as an alternative, it is guessed that an electrically operated soft top will be found in the Z4. As a result of it, the cargo volume is ought to increase by almost 50 percent which has been highly praised by BMW Greensboro lovers.

BMW Greensboro

Just like all the new rear wheel drive vehicles that have already rolled in the market under the BMW tag, even the next Z4 receives the CLAR architecture, [...]

Audi repair Greensboro NC

Irrespective of the popularity of a model, the auto manufacturing companies never fail to redesign them every consecutive year. Customers never feel satisfied with the same specification for years, and they actually look for something new, and this is the reason why Audi had to reconsider completely redesigning the Q7 in 2017. In spite of being immensely popular, the market demanded of something new, and this proves once again that evolution is the key to every improvement.

Even though there’s not much change in the styling factors, there has been some major improvements both in and out. Since the monthly premiums are obviously high for the Audi Q7, it is to be noted that whether these changes in the car are worthy enough to pay the premiums or not. However, most [...]

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The hide and seek game is over; it won’t be any matter of chance to find qualified technicians who will be taking care of your luxury vehicle. No more guesswork, no more treasure hunting, and the entire responsibility is now taken over by the Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit institute that carried out a national program.

They have been testing the automotive professionals every year based on the technological excellence and proficiency. Till date, the figure has already crossed 400,000 and with that achievement, they have been accepted nationally across the industry. As a matter of fact, ASE certification is now considered as a standard to determine the quality of auto body shops Greensboro NC and they strive to achieve it every single day.

As the method of certification is not at all a lenient [...]

The first model of the Land Rover Discovery was launched way back in 1989, and the only reason why they came up with the new 2 door truck was because it could easily compete with the less expensive models that already ruled the market. It was definitely cheaper than the Land Rover Range Rover flagship range but maintained the on road capability of the bigger siblings. However, there’s no way denying that the Discovery from Land Rover Greensboro was agiler and positioned strategically to fit the lifestyle accessory.


It has been three decades already, and after this huge time gap, the brand has finally come up with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, which has become more popular in the market as Disco. Within this span of 28 years in the market, the brand has only [...]

Gone are those days when renowned brands used to make vehicles only for luxury because they have realized that it is not just mere luxury, rather necessity to have vehicles for daily purpose. Even the industrial belts rely a lot on the heavy duty trucks to have their stock traded to different corners of the market. Mercedes Benz service realized that serving the luxurious market will not help them strengthen their market under all circumstances.

Mercedes-Benz service

Hence, lands the trucks which not only enable heavy pick up loads for the tradesmen but also ensures hi-tech performance on road as well. But as of now, they have already started ruling and it only gets better this year as the German giants have already revealed their X-Class pick up truck which can claim to be the mist [...]

Volkswagen Greensboro

The ultimate motif for any car brand is to come up with models which prove to be fit for a maximum number of people in the market. However, there are very few of the lot, and Volkswagen GTI Sport is one such brand that proves to fit the purpose for most of the people in the market. With only hand counted models meeting the refinement of GTI, Volkswagen service finally makes it possible to help these vehicles deliver versatile performance that turns out to be a fun drive. Obviously, there are reasons why the GTI Sport turns out to be the most obvious choice, and for 2017, the extra trim level makes the category a near perfect for many.

Sitting just above the S model, the 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport really matches the lifestyle [...]

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