5 Facts About Mercedes Benz that Most Car Lovers Don’t Know

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If you love cars, you will surely be interested in knowing certain facts that remain almost always unknown to many. You may know about fine automobiles or the latest features added to the new makes and models. But that does not mean you know everything about them.

Here are five tidbits provided by Mercedes Benz Service Greensboro. Let’s explore.

Yellow Dot Inspections:
Before your automobile reaches the dealership, the Mercedes Benz workers make sure that the important parts like suspension, steering and brake parts are hand-tightened with the help of a torque wrench designed specifically for this purpose by Mercedes’ engineers. An accurate, preset pressure is set. Once the exact pressure is reached, the wrench spurts yellow [...]


When the check engine light illuminates the dashboard, it gives you sinking feeling that there is something seriously wrong with the system. Maybe, it triggers a costly problem, like a bad catalytic converter, or it could be something minor, like a loose gas cap. It is always best to treat your engine to a tune-up, before the problem escalates into expensive damage.

Oxygen Sensor:
This part regulates an [...]


Finding you behind the wheels after a sunny spring day can be an unwanted surprise. The windows and cabin of your vehicle absorb sunlight leaving no way to escape. Thus the heat is trapped and can cause the interior of your vehicle to get extremely hot on sunny days. You can prevent this glare from affecting the interior by tinting your windows, choosing a light color paint or using a windshield sunshade but even these are not solutions. What they do is slightly lessen the burn marks on the back of your legs from your hot leather seats.

Making a premium for air conditioning in your car will be the right solution when you jump into your car. Of [...]

Euroabhn Audi repair Greensboro NC

Your Audi’s engine consists of plenty of moving components that spin around or slide back and forth all on extremely tight tolerances with each other. These components become mobile with the help of a film of oil that reduces friction and dissipates heat. Without oil, the engine generate so much of heat that the moving parts would literally weld themselves to their mating parts, producing squealing sound.

Alongside the friction of moving components, the interior combustion motor produces a lot of heat just from ordinary task. It depends on a huge number of blasts inside the cylinders and ignition chambers to create power, and this implies lots of carbon, acids, water vapor, and [...]

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

The various models under the Land Rover umbrella are perfectly synonymous with luxury and performance what a luxury SUV is crafted to offer its driver and passengers. One of the most poplar models, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, is no exception. The reason it becomes one of the most sought after model is a suite of advanced safety features available in the vehicle. Wondering what you can all expect from the Discovery Sport? Take a sneak peak into the wide array of advanced safety features available in the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Advanced Safety Features in the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport:

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport comes equipped with a wide selection of [...]

Audi service Greensboro

The cost of maintaining an Audi or any high-performance automobile varies largely depending on what model you drive, what condition your vehicle is in, and how old your Audi is. Be it 3.0L DOHC V6 or 4.2L TDI Diesel Q7 engine, staying abreast of the latest maintenance cost can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Regardless of your vehicle’s condition, model and type, it is crucial to treat your Audi to regular maintenance and engine tune-ups.

Normally, you should expect to service your Audi every 10, 000 miles or once per year. Be it minor service including oil, filters, and inspection or major service including transmission services, bring your Audi in for [...]

2019 Range Rover SV Coupe

Good news for Saudi royals and Russian oligarchs! Rather than driving around aimlessly in the same old Range Rover that every Tom, Dick and Harry owns, you can now own the Range Rover SV Coupe, which recently debuted in 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

So, what distinguishes it from the rest? A 2-door Range Rover receives exclusive exterior panels, which will be built by hand in Warwickshire, U.K. Additionally, the SV Coupe receives bespoke badges, a two-piece grille, and side vents composed of real metal, says a technician from Land Rover Greensboro NC.

Usually, it comes in with 21-inch wheels, but you can have it with 2 inches added to [...]

Know How to Prevent Your Vehicle

A gorgeous vehicle would always attract attention of car enthusiasts as well as car thieves. While car enthusiasts would laud you choice expressing their delight on seeing the beauty, the car thieves would cook up a plan to snatch it from you. This does not mean you have to refrain yourself from buying a gorgeous car. Rather you can consider few tricks to make your vehicle less appealing target.

What Can You Do?

Here are some ways that an auto body shop Greensboro NC recommends to help drivers prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

  • Keep the vehicle locked all the time, even while driving.
  • While leaving your [...]

Volkswagen Greensboro NC

The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact SUV engineered for cruising. It commands the road by absorbing road imperfections easily. For long, the Tiguan has never been The engine feels sluggish at times, and its mpg ratings are not impressive like most rivals as well. Moreover, you can’t expect quality handling precision.

The Tiguan has always been offered with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine even since its introduction in 2009. There has not been much of difference about performance specs either. The engine delivers 200hp and 207 lb-ft of torque. In addition to this, its size has remained the same for generations. This has prompted many to ask what the engine is going be for the 2018 [...]

Fuel Economy Audi Greensboro

As gas prices continue to increase by leaps and bounds, drivers are looking for ways to reduce their fuel expenses while conserving as much as possible. Meanwhile, dishonest companies are fooling the public by launching miracle products such as fuel and engine additives, claiming that these merchandises actually work.

The goal is to prompt consumers into spending even more money on a product that has little to do with fuel consumption and conservation. Then what are the ways to improve fuel mileage and consumption? Consider the following tricks:

Improving Gas Mileage on Own:

Well, there are ample ways to bring down fuel consumption. To start with, all you need to do is to [...]

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