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How To Know That Your BMW Has Oil Leaks

Greensboro auto service for BMW oil leaks

Owning a BMW is a luxury symbol but every good thing do come with its minus points. Even though you can consider that your BMW will not give you any trouble the truth is it will. Over the time and with usage a BMW will also start showing signs of trouble. Oil leaks in a BMW is one of the standard problems. This problem is not something that you can afford to overlook. This needs quick resolution as engine oil is essential to the functionality of your BMW. The engine oil is what keeps the BMW’s interior parts of the engine cool and lubricated apart from safeguarding the same from damage due to constant wear and tear.

Catching the problem on time is crucial though and you can also do the same if you are on the lookout for some of the common signs. Or else you can opt for BMW Greensboro auto service and let a technician find out the issue.

What are the common signs of oil leak?

Following are some of the common signs of an oil leak in a BMW:

The smell of burning oil

The smell of burning oil is one of the first prominent signs of oil leak in your BMW Greensboro. This needs to be noticed and rectified at the earliest.

Check for smoke under the hood

Apart from the smell of burning oil it is also necessary to check for signs of smoke under the hood of your car. Smoke is symbolic enough of significant oil leak in your BMW. If left unattended this can quickly spin out of hand and lead to your BMW’s rapid deterioration.

Your car is getting overheated quickly

The function of the engine oil is to keep your BMW’s various parts lubricated so that there is less friction. With substantial presence of oil your BMW should not get overheated in the first place. If there is a leak and there is not sufficient oil then you will notice your BMW Greensboro NC getting overheated. A close watch on the BMW’s engine thermometer will help you understand whether your car is getting overheated or not.

Keep an eye on the Indicator Light

If you see that the indicator light in your BMW has illuminated then it is a sure sign of oil leak which needs quick attention. The indicator light will illuminate only when the level of oil or pressure is not sufficient. It is better to let a technician take a look at the same.

Noises such as popping or sizzling

Noises such as popping or sizzling should not come from a well-serviced BMW. However while driving the car if you hear such noises then be sure that oil is leaking into the hot parts of the car causing these noises. A BMW mechanic is the right person to take a note of the same.

Oil pools under the car

Oil pools under the car is also an indicator of oil leak from the BMW. Check for brown or yellow stains under the car and you will be sure that there is oil leak from your BMW.

All these are sure signs of oil leak from your posh BMW. Get in touch with a BMW technician as soon as you come across these signs.

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