Add Your Automobile To Your Spring Maintenance To-Do List

  • Inspect under the hood. Most likely you don’t check the fluids and other routine maintenance tasks that keep your car running smoothly when it would require standing outside in the freezing air and fumbling with freezing dipsticks. Now is the time to get back into the habit. Check your oil, antifreeze and other fluid levels, and top off where needed. Then, check your battery terminals for corrosion. It can be removed with a mixture of water and [...]

Volvo was one of the first automakers to address the safety issues occurring in the automotive industry in the mid-1940’s.  Their slogan ” We did not invent the car, but we set the safety standards” became their philosophy and still holds true today.  Two-point and eventually Three-point safety belts, pedestrian and bicyclist detection, pedestrian airbag, and Alcolock which detects the intoxication of a driver, are just some of the revolutionary car safety measures Volvo has brought to the table.

In the 1950’s Volvo’s financial stability was so strong they offered what no other automaker had ever dreamed of. Buyers were offered 5-year insurance plans on many of the various Volvo modes. Today the word Volvo means “I roll”. The Latin definition, however, is “I spin”.

Proper [...]

The first generation Sprinter was launched in Europe in 1995 to replace the outdated  Mercedes-Benz TN  van and was voted International Van the year.  While the Sprinter is designed primarily for commercial use, there are recreational vehicle conversions available for the consumer.

Sprinters are more commonly recognized as television production vehicles.  A custom-modified Dodge-branded Sprinter was used by the ten-member Gosselin family, the subjects of the TLC reality series  Jon & Kate plus 8.

Proper Sprinter Van Service and maintenance in Greensboro will lead to less repair in the future. Visit Eurobahn Sprinter van of Greensboro area or book an appointment with us at where our ASE trained and certified staff will listen to your concerns, ask insightful questions and then carefully analyze your vehicle using the [...]


The Volkswagen Beetle aka “The Peoples Car” was once referred to as one of the top four cars of the century.  When Volkswagen launched this new car concept model in 1949, the sales were so low only 2 sold for the entire year.  The quirkiness of the “not-so-small” car began to catch on, however, and by the early 1960’s hundreds of thousands were being sold yearly.  Additionally, the ad campaign  ” not-so-small ” was named the best campaign in the last 100 years in 1999 topping companies such as Marlboro, Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s.

A fun fact; the Herbie the Love Bug tv series by Disney was a huge hit. An original Herbie actually sold for just over $126,000!

Proper Volkswagen service maintenance Greensboro will lead [...]

The Mini was designed as the small economy car icon of the 1960’s due to the rising costs of fuel. Manufacturers wanted a vehicle that was both compact and economical but also low in cost to the buyer.  Over the coming years, the car originally designed for the lower classes was growing popular among the elite of English

The rock band The Beatles, Enzo Ferrari and even members of the royal British family to name a few, were owners of one or more of these vehicles. The original Mini design was not changed for over 40 years!

An interesting fact; the first generation of Mini had no car radio, instead, it had a rather large sized ashtray. This is due to the fact that its [...]

Porsche are high-performance, trendsetting, luxury cars built to dominate other vehicles on the road. They have won more races across the globe than any other automaker. Nearly 28,000 in the past 50 years!  When going to production, Porsche would typically build two variations of the exact same car model. One was road legal and the other for racing.

The turbocharged Porsche 911 is notably one of the most iconic names in the automotive industry and is also one of the most popular cars ever produced by the company. You may not be aware, however, that the 911 was almost named the 901. Peugeot fought to have this stopped as their numbering system was number 0 number.

 Proper Porsche maintenance will lead to less repair in the [...]

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most influential and famous automobile manufacturers in the world. Their three-pointed star logo represents land, air, and water. Mercedes actually considered adding a fourth point to represent space, however, in the end, opted not to do so. Luxury is taken a step further when designing the automobile with regards to considering the overall comfort of the driver. Mercedes partnered with Orthopedic physicians to design a seat that will provide complete support to the lower lumbar and knees of the driver in every Mercedes-Benz.

A Billionaire from Abu Dhabi contracted Mercedes to build an exterior completely made of gold to the tune of $2.6 million! Another interesting fact: A majority of the “Popemobiles” are created by Mercedes-Benz.

Proper Mercedes maintenance will [...]

The Land Rover is synonymous with reliability, 4-wheel-drive and panache. Most people know the Land Rover got its start as the British version of the Jeep. The Steering wheel used to be in the middle to mimic that of a tractor the designer had on his farm. Due to this design, he avoided the left & right-hand drive markets.Land Rover Greensboro NC

You may not know that by bolting on beefy tractor tires and axles from a Studebaker, Land Rover created the first Monster truck 30 years before anybody else after being commissioned to build a vehicle that could handle even the deepest murky mud puddles.

Another first for the company was the crossover SUV named the Road Rover. The Road Rover was built [...]

BMW is considered a thoroughbred of the automotive industry. What is under the hood is where the BMW’s superiority shines through. It contains pure performance-driven technology and computer components of the highest standard.

The BMW logo consists of a black ring containing the company name. The ring holds a circle with two blue and two white quadrants. Many believe it resembles a propeller. This theory makes sense since BMW made its mark crafting aircraft engines. However, the logo is really based on the blue and white flag of Bavaria, Germany where BMW headquarters is located.

Proper BMW maintenance will lead to less repair in the future. Stop by at our locations in Greensboro NC or the greater Greensboro NC area or book an appointment with us at Eurobahn BMW Service Greensboro where our ASE trained and certified staff will listen to your concerns, ask insightful questions and then carefully analyze your vehicle using the top quality diagnostic equipment.


Audi has made their mark in the European automobile market as a frontrunner when it comes to luxury car manufacturing. Owning an Audi signifies class, superior design, performance, and durability. Each car is designed with the bravery to reimagine what could be possible.

Innovation and creative technology that anticipates the driver’s needs is the reason behind their success, with over a 100 years in the industry, very few can match the utter brilliance with which Audi cars are built.

Proper Audi maintenance will lead to less repair in the future. Stop by any one of our locations in Greensboro NC  book an appointment with us at Eurobahn Audi Service Greensboro where our ASE trained and certified staff will listen to your concerns, ask insightful questions and then carefully analyze your vehicle [...]

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