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2017 BMW 530i- A Complete Redesign or a Big Refresh


BMW lovers are completely crazy about the sports cars, and it is their critical eye that actually forces the brand to be specific about their models. The entire 2017 has been about the 5 Series for BMW, and when compared to the rest of the outgoing models, BMW Greensboro NC believes that the 530i has found the most improved performance, dynamics, and a better steering feel. It is undoubtedly mature and the maturity is not just in the performance on road and feel, but also on the distinctive styling both in and out. At the first glance, it might not look different from the previous models that have already hit the road, but when taken a closer look, you get to feel the difference one by one.

Most of the Sedans that BMW has ever come up with have always featured the thin chrome accented surround across the grille, but as far as the new 5 Series is concerned, it gets a chunky frame which still now has proved to be quite attractive. While there might be some confusions at the first glance between the 7 Series and 5 Series since quite a few designs in the 5 Series finds the cue in 7 Series, but they can be distinguished with a better look at it. Unlike the earlier models that have already hit the road, the new 530i finds the headlights which have been attached to the grille.

As it is rightly said, nothing can beat the expert’s eye. Those who have been dealing with the service, maintenance, and BMW repair Greensboro for years have found out the noticeable changes on the side of the car. The door on the left side of the earlier models always had a large cut out which cannot be ignored under any circumstances- this is what has been completely waived off in the new 530i that is yet to hit the market.

The entire evolutionary trend has also been carried within the car as well. There’s a new dashboard design that has been craftily made, and even the new gear shift has made it quite noteworthy. Be it the two zone climate control, or the ambiance LED lighting, or even the 12 speaker surround sound system, the standard goodies have not been ignored at all. So whether you call it a redesign or a refreshing touch, it is only for the good of the brand. Make sure you never fail to appreciate it.

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