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BMW Engages their Customers With Futuristic Interior Design in Next Gen Cars


Just like any other industry goes through a change in the way they do business, the automotive industry has had its own share of evolution as well. While most people looked after the technological aspects of the autonomous vehicles till date, there has been some shift in the approach as well. Now along with performance, car enthusiasts are also looking for comfort and luxury within the vehicle. Even self-driving vehicles are considered to be the future of the industry rather than the autonomous technology itself.

BMW Greensboro NC didn’t keep themselves much behind this growing trend and quickly came up with the first glance of how this futuristic car would look like. There’s the Inside Future Concept car revealed by BMW which was definitely breaking the trend. While the traditional concept vehicles had the entire exterior and full hood, BMW’s body lacked the entire structure. The motif behind this new approach was quite clear, the designers wanted the audience to have a clear view of the fresh look that has been incorporated over here.

With four wide seats enhancing the level of comfort, the throw pillow on a row just adds to it. And yes, how can you even miss it? There’s a special book shelf in between the front and back rows for the bookworms to find their quality time. However, BMW has not missed to include the Holo Active technology just when the vehicle tends to project a 3D image onto the console.

The previous year has been pretty great for BMW as they have come up with multiple concept vehicles with the futuristic notion in mind. Along with 9 million connective vehicles on road, the BMW repair Greensboro has also got better with time, which is a record for the brand in itself. They have been pioneering the global connectivity with these smart vehicles and the latest digital systems that have been integrated only go on to prove their motif. Smart driving is what many brands have already given the industry, BMW is ready to deliver intelligent driving for the first time.

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