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The Reason Your AC is Blowing Warm Air


Finding you behind the wheels after a sunny spring day can be an unwanted surprise. The windows and cabin of your vehicle absorb sunlight leaving no way to escape. Thus the heat is trapped and can cause the interior of your vehicle to get extremely hot on sunny days. You can prevent this glare from affecting the interior by tinting your windows, choosing a light color paint or using a windshield sunshade but even these are not solutions. What they do is slightly lessen the burn marks on the back of your legs from your hot leather seats.

Making a premium for air conditioning in your car will be the right solution when you jump into your car. Of course, it takes a few seconds for the air to get cool, but what if you’ve waited a minute or so and you’ve still got your car AC blowing hot air in your face? Instead of paying high BMW dealer prices for vehicle inspection, grab the opportunity with Eurobahn to save over 25% in your BMW repair and get the system on top health.

Common Air Conditioning Problems:

Some of the most common air conditioning problems faced by the car owners are listed below. By availing the service of the experts, these issues can be easily fixed without delay. These problems are as follows:


  • Blocked Condenser
  • Broken Cooling Fans
  • Broken Condenser
  • Low Refrigerant due to a leak
  • Electrical Faults

BMW service Greensboro NC

The condenser in your air conditioning system is located between the car’s grille and the engine-cooling radiator. It is used to shed heat and bring the gaseous refrigerant to a liquid state. In other words, the condenser condenses the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid.

If your AC is cooling your car significantly less than usual or there are leaks from the AC system, it would be best to have the AC condenser replaced with a new one. Apart from condenser, your BMW may also suffer electrical faults which are usually caused by a bad or discharged battery. Similarly, the faulty cooling fans can cause the air conditioning to stop working as well as the vehicle to overheat. Take your BMW to a nearby BMW service Greensboro NC center and get your car fixed.

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