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How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

Know How to Prevent Your Vehicle

A gorgeous vehicle would always attract attention of car enthusiasts as well as car thieves. While car enthusiasts would laud you choice expressing their delight on seeing the beauty, the car thieves would cook up a plan to snatch it from you. This does not mean you have to refrain yourself from buying a gorgeous car. Rather you can consider few tricks to make your vehicle less appealing target.

What Can You Do?

Here are some ways that an auto body shop Greensboro NC recommends to help drivers prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

  • Keep the vehicle locked all the time, even while driving.
  • While leaving your car, be sure to take the key with you. Don’t forget to close all the windows and the sunroof.
  • Never leave the valuables inside the vehicle exposed to the passersby.
  • Do not leave your vehicle title in the car. A car thief can easily produce the auto registration by getting hold of it. If multiple drivers use the vehicle, the best suggest would to hide the registration in secret place in the car that only the owners know.
  • Know your destination. Always take a route that takes you safely to your destination and avoid the known high crime areas no matter how long it takes to reach your destination by taking an alternate route.
  • Many drivers nowadays choose to install an anti-theft system in their vehicle. Usually, thieves are not interested in cars that can be recovered quickly.
  • Most of the crimes take place in dark, so does the motor vehicle theft. Be particularly cautious at night about where you park the car. Make sure the car is parked in a well-lit area.
  • If you are to park your vehicle, be sure to leave its wheels turned toward the curb or some other obstruction. It would prevent the thief from towing your vehicle.

Type of Anti-Theft Systems:

There are variety of anti-theft systems that disable the ignition, the fuel system or the starter to prevent from being stolen. These include Vehicle Theft Deterrent (VTD) or Passlock System, Passive Anti Theft System, Sentry Key Immobilzer, says expert from body shop Greensboro.

Know Who Your Dealing With:

Professional Thieves:

Majority of auto thefts are performed by professionals. They prefer high-performance cars. After stealing it from the parking lot, they usually take it to the ‘chop shops’ which dismantle them and sell the products.

Joy Riders:

Joy-riders crave for high-performance or luxury cars. These cars are usually recovered but often suffer significant damage.

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