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How to Boost your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy Audi Greensboro

As gas prices continue to increase by leaps and bounds, drivers are looking for ways to reduce their fuel expenses while conserving as much as possible. Meanwhile, dishonest companies are fooling the public by launching miracle products such as fuel and engine additives, claiming that these merchandises actually work.

The goal is to prompt consumers into spending even more money on a product that has little to do with fuel consumption and conservation. Then what are the ways to improve fuel mileage and consumption? Consider the following tricks:

Improving Gas Mileage on Own:

Well, there are ample ways to bring down fuel consumption. To start with, all you need to do is to change up your driving habits. Don’t be scared. You are not being asked to give up driving but use slower speeds on the interstate in order to avoid full-throttle accelerations. To do this, simply follow the rules given below:

  • Empty the Trunk Space
  • Reduce Excess Weight Inside the Vehicle
  • Avoid Extended Idling
  • Combine Errands and Tips
  • Drive Smoothly
  • Avoid High-Cruising Speeds on the Interstate

Using slower speeds in general uses less fuel. If you exceed speed limits on and off, or accelerate quickly from a standstill, it will rapidly consume the fuel in a car or truck.

Audi service Greensboro

Be sure to remove the excess weight from the back seat and truck. It would reduce the overall weight of a vehicle. Consequentially, it would use less fuel to operate.On the other hand, idling eats up a great deal of gas as well, says one of the technicians in Audi service Greensboro.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance:

Apart from changing up driving habits, you need to be regular about vehicle service and maintenance. A routine inspection followed by minor tune-up can significantly save fuel and improve gas mileage. Treat your vehicle’s engine with proper engine oil. The degree of viscosity must be appropriate for the type of engine in a car.Using higher viscosity oil than required will create more drag on the internal engine components.

Take advantage of the expert technicians to have the engine checked, especially in cold weather. Other areas to improve or properly maintain include:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Grade
  • Air Filters
  • Check Engine Lights
  • Carbon Removal
  • Clean Air Induction System

Visit your nearby auto body shop Greensboro NC for quality automotive service. They are licensed technicians to provide a wide selection of auto repairs and services for import vehicles and domestic vehicles.

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