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5 Facts About Mercedes Benz that Most Car Lovers Don’t Know

Mercedes Benz Greensboro

If you love cars, you will surely be interested in knowing certain facts that remain almost always unknown to many. You may know about fine automobiles or the latest features added to the new makes and models. But that does not mean you know everything about them.

Here are five tidbits provided by Mercedes Benz Service Greensboro. Let’s explore.

Yellow Dot Inspections:
Before your automobile reaches the dealership, the Mercedes Benz workers make sure that the important parts like suspension, steering and brake parts are hand-tightened with the help of a torque wrench designed specifically for this purpose by Mercedes’ engineers. An accurate, preset pressure is set. Once the exact pressure is reached, the wrench spurts yellow paint on that part. Inspection is easy. The yellow dots are counted to be sure that the job has been done perfectly.

Mercedes Engine Comes Broken In:
If you are all set to pick up your next Mercedes at the dealership, you’re in for something seriously surprising. Unlike other vehicles that require a 3, 000 mile break-in period and oil changes to remove metal shavings and other debris, your Mercedes Benz has been pre-tested, and the oil refilled more than 60 times. The factory checks every engine before incorporating it in the vehicle. Engines operate on special test rigs as gauges check for noise and friction. More so, the oil is flushed, washing away any debris created by a new engine. Naturally, you will still enjoy treating it with excessive indulgence as you and your vehicle adjust to each other.

Mercedes Benz Interior

Why Mercedes Has No Rattle Traps:
No matter how old your vehicle becomes, it won’t produce squeaking sound the way other vehicles may. At the factory, each body is welded in 10, 000 places. This means there are no bolts to come loose, rattling as the automobile ages.

Pewter Finishes for Seams of Mercedes Benz:
All Mercedes pack pewter. Many of the automobile’s vital seams are:

  • Packed with pewter
  • Re-ground
  • Polished
  • Ground down by hand

The appearance of inferior craftsmanship is not allowed in even the most hidden regions of a Mercedes Benz Greensboro.

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