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Why Does Oil Prolong the Life of Car Parts

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Your Audi’s engine consists of plenty of moving components that spin around or slide back and forth all on extremely tight tolerances with each other. These components become mobile with the help of a film of oil that reduces friction and dissipates heat. Without oil, the engine generate so much of heat that the moving parts would literally weld themselves to their mating parts, producing squealing sound.

Alongside the friction of moving components, the interior combustion motor produces a lot of heat just from ordinary task. It depends on a huge number of blasts inside the cylinders and ignition chambers to create power, and this implies lots of carbon, acids, water vapor, and different byproducts of typical combustion.

With no oil pump available, the earliest engines were not able to circulate oil to upper-engine components such as camshaft, lifters, valve train and valves. Instead, they used dippers on the crankshaft counterweights to sling oil upward and keeps moving parts lubricated, says Audi Repair expert.

Later formulations of engine oil included detergents, viscosity modifiers and dispersants that would suspend particles of carbon and small metal particles so that could be caught in the paper creases of the oil filter. In the end, conventional mineral-based motor oils were supplanted by synthetic blend or full-synthetic motor oils.

Oil Prolong the Life of Car Parts

For years, drivers were warned against using synthetic oil after using conventional oil for years, considering this switching could lead to problems such as leaking around gaskets or even burning oil. The newest concoctions of synthetic oil have eliminated those concerns, and synthetic oil has proven more effective in about every respect.

Synthetic oil is more superior and stable at the molecular level, with greater shear strength. “Shear strength” means the oil’s ability to stand up under extreme pressure, the molecules of conventional oil can literally be torn apart. Due to its impressive stability, synthetic oil is a good choice for the extremely tight tolerances of modern engines.

Your engine requires gasoline, air, and verve to run – but it also requires motor oil to coat and protect its moving parts against excessive wear. Don’t forget to have your oil changed regularly. Nothing is more important to engine longevity than proper lubrication and regular oil changes that will prevent a buildup of sludge and carbon in the engine.

To keep the engine and other parts in good condition, take advantage of the technicians from Audi repair Greensboro NC and treat the vehicle to an oil change.


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