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Know Why Your BMW’s Check Engine Light is On


When the check engine light illuminates the dashboard, it gives you sinking feeling that there is something seriously wrong with the system. Maybe, it triggers a costly problem, like a bad catalytic converter, or it could be something minor, like a loose gas cap. It is always best to treat your engine to a tune-up, before the problem escalates into expensive damage.

Oxygen Sensor:
This part regulates an engines air to fuel ratio by determining the amount of free oxygen in the exhaust. There is a ratio of air and gasoline that is apt for a vehicle, and this part helps control that. When this part comes loose, you will begin noticing a reduction in gas mileage and it will increase emissions. Not replacing this part can affect your catalytic converter, which is a much more costly repair, according to experts of BMW Greensboro NC.

Gas Cap:
The gas cap on your vehicle can either come loose or carry a fault that causes it to trigger your check engine light. The reason it does this is because it believes there is a leak in the Evaporative Emissions System. For most of the today’s vehicles, leaving the gas cap off is really not a bid deal as there is a flapper valve built into the filling system. However, you may still sense a gas smell emanating from the system.

Catalytic Converter:
This part works to decrease the exhaust gas emissions. It can damage gas mileage, and even exhilaration. Treating your vehicle with maintenance should keep this part from failing, but often if parts like the oxygen sensor have a fault, this can cause trouble with the catalytic converter.

Mass Airflow Sensor:
The mass airflow sensor on your vehicle tells your car’s computer how much of air is entering engine. This is anther part that can reduce the gas mileage if it is broken. Hence, it is important to replace the air filter at least once a year to prevent the airflow sensor from failing, notes a BMW service Greensboro expert.

Spark Plugs and Wires:
These parts keep the combustion chamber tight and initiates the ignition to your engine. A faulty spark plugs and wires can make you feel a jolt in acceleration. These parts have to replaced on regular basis. Again, if you are following BMW’s recommended schedule your should be fine. If not, be quick to replace them to prevent more costly damage.

The following infographics will be of help for the BMW Greensboro users in gaining more knowledge on the same.

BMW Warning Lights to Understand the Requirement of BMW Service


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