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How Mercedes-Benz Waves Off the Long Waiting For The 2018 X-Class for 2018

Gone are those days when renowned brands used to make vehicles only for luxury because they have realized that it is not just mere luxury, rather necessity to have vehicles for daily purpose. Even the industrial belts rely a lot on the heavy duty trucks to have their stock traded to different corners of the market. Mercedes Benz service realized that serving the luxurious market will not help them strengthen their market under all circumstances.

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Hence, lands the trucks which not only enable heavy pick up loads for the tradesmen but also ensures hi-tech performance on road as well. But as of now, they have already started ruling and it only gets better this year as the German giants have already revealed their X-Class pick up truck which can claim to be the mist hi-tech compact pick up truck till date.

This time, Mercedes-Benz has waived off the restricted range of models as they want their vehicles to suit all the variant tastes and budget of their customers. Right from the fleet version which will be possessing the vinyl floor, to the premium prestige edition which has got two significant leather trims and an I-Pad display, Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro NC is all set to meet the expectations of their customers belonging to every single stratum of the community.

Experts in Mercedes Benz repair Greensboro NC are highly excited as they expect to find the first automatic braking technology in these pickup trucks which is indeed an important addition. Even the engine choice makes it comfortably larger- the Nissan sourced twin turbo 2.3 liter four cylinder diesel couple up with two different power options allows both the six-speed manual transmission and the auto guise as well. It is the reference of the Nissan Navara as the foundation of the X-Class that helps Mercedes to accelerate the concept into reality and floor the industry with hi-tech giants.

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