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Beat All Your First Drive Experience With the New 2017 Land Rover Discovery

The first model of the Land Rover Discovery was launched way back in 1989, and the only reason why they came up with the new 2 door truck was because it could easily compete with the less expensive models that already ruled the market. It was definitely cheaper than the Land Rover Range Rover flagship range but maintained the on road capability of the bigger siblings. However, there’s no way denying that the Discovery from Land Rover Greensboro was agiler and positioned strategically to fit the lifestyle accessory.


It has been three decades already, and after this huge time gap, the brand has finally come up with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, which has become more popular in the market as Disco. Within this span of 28 years in the market, the brand has only come up with three different generations of Discovery, and each of the updates has been designated by a completely new series number. As the latest launch is the fifth major development brought in by the brand, Land Rover has termed it as the Series 5.

The latest trend of the crossovers is to bear the capability of carrying everything and everyone within and help them transit everywhere on this planet. Land Rover Greensboro NC couldn’t wait anymore to respond to this growing trend, and the 2017 Discovery is capable of fitting in luxury and utility in one concise package. The soft touch material that have been used within the vehicle is just what the passenger compartment needed, and the aroma gives half of the pleasure while sitting within.

Those who have had the test drive accepts the fact that seven adults can easily sit themselves comfortably. The Intelligent Seat Fold Technology developed by the British brand has just made it easier. The seats can automatically fold, stow, move back and forth allowing the passengers to make room for themselves easily.

Hundreds of miles have been driven for testing and across weather conditions that ranged from extremely dry to warm, cold and thickly foggy. Whether you climb the altitude, or cruise through the smooth highways, the crossover would just wring you out. ‘Active’ is what defines the new Discovery and make sure you discover much more than what’s described over here.

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  • The car’s exterior as well as interior design is really great. How can one not crave for it? If 7 people can sit in it comfortably, then it shows that this car is really very spacious. I cannot take my eyes off the car headlights. I would love to buy this car and would recommend it to my friends and family as well ! 🙂

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