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Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche Restoration and Performance Center- Greensboro NC

At Eurobahn Motorsports we are proud to offer OEM parts for your vehicle, if your building a car from the ground up. Whether it is frame and body sheet metal components or interior parts. We can find just the right interior for you. Finish it off with a great selection of accessories and trim parts with custom sound for a stereo with classic looks and the latest technology, also Trim-parts for all your emblems and other exterior and interior accessories.

Body & Molding

When it comes to replacing and repairing your body parts, quality is the most important thing to look for. We have OEM PARTS , some of the highest quality replacement body parts available today. Whether its a front fender, Hood or whole quarter panel, you can rest assured the fitment match will be just what you’re looking for!

Interior – Seat Upholstery, Door Panels & Molded Carpets

We have a Restoration department that offers the highest quality interiors for your restoration project. Providing products that are better then OEM parts and come in a wide variety of colors.

Restoration Car Audio

We offer a custom sound system and OEM radios. These Radios fit right into your dash like a OEM replacement and include cd changers, mp3 players and more.

Restoration Fasteners

Rusted or stripped out bolts and screws are always a problem when dealing with a 20+ year old car, but no need to worry, AMK Fasteners is here to help. With everything from complete body fastener packages to everything you need for an engine rebuild, you won’t have to reuse any old hardware.

Restoration Car Glass

When restoring a car, finding good glass can be hard and frustrating but we can get you a brand new replacement windshield, door glass, quarter window or back glass for your classic car!

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