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Why do Cup Holders Break so Easily?

Why do BMW cup holders break so easily?  We love BMW’s but its no lie that they can be very flimsy and break so fast. At Eurobahn Motorsports we stock OEM parts and are happy to replace your cup holder. We will install your cup holder so you no longer have to throw out your drink before you get into your vehicle.

We have a Huge stock of manufacturer parts, We have great cup holders for your vehicle! Reasons why you should order a cup holder from us:


  • It folds out of the way completely when not in use.
  • It is adjustable and holds almost any drink size… from an aluminum can up to a 7-Eleven Super Big Gulp.
  • Secure gripping arms keep drinks from spilling even with spirited driving.
  • Installation is easy and non-damaging to the interior… simply use the self-tapping screws to attach to the carpet (as shown).  If you wish to remove the cup holder, no visible marks remain.
  • Durable construction, does not break easily.
  • Basic textured black surface is an excellent match for BMW dashboard material
  •  It’s really affordable!

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