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BMW X3 is Going to be the Best Luxury Compact SUV – Know Why

The official announcement of the 2018 BMW X3 has already been made, and by far X3 makes the most cogent statement in being a premium and the best luxury compact SUV available in the market. Whether it is the driving compatibility, comfort or utility, the X3 has been redesigned to fit in all the sectors efficiently. Bring in the rivals like Audi, Lexus, Volvo or even Mercedes-Benz, none of them can stand in front of the X3 performance and BMW service Greensboro.

BMW Greensboro

One of the significant things that can never be missed out is the quiet nature of the cabin, as the road, wind, and all engine noises are being wholly muted. The rattling noise that has been noticed in the engine of BMW 330i has been completely removed, even though the same engine has been integrated into the model. Next, comes the power delivery, which is not only smooth but also immediately the engine is made on. In fact, those who have tried their hands at the BMW X3 believes that it gives the feel of the six-cylinder engine at the first attempt.

However, those who are not satisfied with the power that is being provided, for them the eight-speed automatic transmission is being integrated so that the multi-gear downshifts being executed well. The moment you fire up the engine and allow the SUV to roll, the engaging nature of the steering can be felt. Sharp, sporty handling, along with the feeling of control and precision, makes the BMW X3 more approachable for the curvy roads that lay ahead.

The suspension is quite firm, which gives the smooth feeling of the road surface as it is being driven even by the jolts. Even the M40i version of the X3 uses all these attributes and also amplifies them. Sufficient precision has been added to the handling features as well giving the X3 a sportier fail and look. BMW Greensboro never fails to provide the impressive feel. However, it still needs some development further to be perfect. When compared with the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC models, the X3 still enjoys the upper hand making all the features enjoyable and substantial in itself.

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