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Praising a car after a test drive is obvious, but it’s unfair if you just tag it with the adjective nice. It’s completely bland, might not be offensive, but non-descriptive and utterly toothless. Similar is the approach when people start taking the test drives in the Audi S5 and Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe. They are nice cars for sure with nice badges at heart, but that’s purely an understatement for the classic beauties.

Mercedes Benz service

However, experts in the industry feel bad for the Audi S5 as it was doing just what it was meant to do with the all-wheel drive. S5 was enjoying its safe position in the industry with not much rivals breathing down its neck. Just when it was [...]

Mercedes-Benz was the first brand that started with the 4-door coupe thing in the automobile industry, and CLS was the first model that rolled out in the line way back in 2003. The 2019 era of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is the complete new version of these four-door things. While it rolled out in the market for the first time, it had a sloping roofline on the midsize luxury Sedan. Quite amazingly this carried out to be a trend which many other brands started following. Over the years, several generations of the CLS has rolled, and the third generation of CLS from Mercedes Benz Greensboro is finally going to roll in 2019.


Even the 2019 CLS bears that larger than usual [...]

Mercedes-Benz has abandoned a particular segment of vehicles way back in the mid-1990s, the mid-size luxury coupe that rolled pretty well. Once again they are back with the E400 Coupe, but describing it as an E-class with two fewer doors might be an understatement. Going by the manufacturer’s trend, the earlier generation of the E-class and the next two models of CLK that preceded were mostly built modifying the small C class platforms. The motif was one, giving a sporty look. But the one that’s launching this year is an authentic E-class and gives the true feel.


However, there was some skepticism from several centers delivering Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro regarding the fact that the brand incorporated four seats within. [...]

Spreading your wings is the best way to show the true colors, and when it’s the all-new 2017 Mercedes-Benz S class, why won’t it? After all, the luxury vehicle encompasses high performance and a longer wheel base which makes the all drive Sedans a treat to watch and also ride in. With more than a century of history and tradition, Mercedes Benz service has always embodied sophistication, the crushing power of the engines, and cutting-edge technology that cannot be matched by any name in the industry.


How many of them would you like to name? The list might end, but Mercedes-Benz would not fall short in delivering the best of the features to all their customers. But as the 21st century progresses, [...]

Mercedes-Benz has always acquired a smart trick which has indeed worked out for them. However minor the changes are, they have given a new name to the updated model. That might not only increase the lineup but also help their audience select their preference with a specific model name. So, two years after the spectacular GT coupe rolled out in the market, the Dalmier group announced that they will be coming up with a high-end drop top derivative, the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT.

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While the last year’s version was simply dubbed as the GT S, this new model has been given the name simply GT. Ask any guy from the Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro, and you would hear the same suggestion from all- if you’re looking for a new car at all [...]

Gone are those days when renowned brands used to make vehicles only for luxury because they have realized that it is not just mere luxury, rather necessity to have vehicles for daily purpose. Even the industrial belts rely a lot on the heavy duty trucks to have their stock traded to different corners of the market. Mercedes Benz service realized that serving the luxurious market will not help them strengthen their market under all circumstances.

Mercedes-Benz service

Hence, lands the trucks which not only enable heavy pick up loads for the tradesmen but also ensures hi-tech performance on road as well. But as of now, they have already started ruling and it only gets better this year as the German giants have already revealed their X-Class pick up truck which can claim to be [...]

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