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Performance Review: Mercedes AMG C 43 Coupe vs Audi S5

Praising a car after a test drive is obvious, but it’s unfair if you just tag it with the adjective nice. It’s completely bland, might not be offensive, but non-descriptive and utterly toothless. Similar is the approach when people start taking the test drives in the Audi S5 and Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe. They are nice cars for sure with nice badges at heart, but that’s purely an understatement for the classic beauties.

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However, experts in the industry feel bad for the Audi S5 as it was doing just what it was meant to do with the all-wheel drive. S5 was enjoying its safe position in the industry with not much rivals breathing down its neck. Just when it was doing fine for quite a few time, Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC showed up with the AMG C43 Coupe. The recipe for the preparation was quite similar to that of the S5, but no one can deny that it was way better than what S5 did.

With a 350bhp 3.0-litre V6 engine, all wheel drive, an automatic gearbox and a turbo more than the Audi S5, the AMG C43 Coupe was a sign of flattery from the brand. As it had two blowers, the Mercedes-Benz suffered less lag than the Audi developing 362bhp and 383lb ft of torque. Even though the Audi S5 makes 349bhp and 368lb ft, the V6 starts at heart starts making max power earlier than the AMG C43 Coupe and keeps pulling further into the rev band.

As far as the cockpit design of the Audi S5 is concerned, the Mercedes Benz service specialists have agreed that the AMG C43 Coupe has pulled the entire thing quite similar to the S5. Be it the geometric cabin design or the elegant corporate look that is brought under the scrutiny; there’s lot similarity between the both. But, AMG C43 Coupe is way lighter than the S5 giving an edge in the market.

S5 is going to bring in a smile, but it lacks the maturity that AMG C43 Coupe provided, hence making it much more comprehensive and approachable in the market.

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