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2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS- The Luxury Coupe-Sedan With More Power

Mercedes-Benz was the first brand that started with the 4-door coupe thing in the automobile industry, and CLS was the first model that rolled out in the line way back in 2003. The 2019 era of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is the complete new version of these four-door things. While it rolled out in the market for the first time, it had a sloping roofline on the midsize luxury Sedan. Quite amazingly this carried out to be a trend which many other brands started following. Over the years, several generations of the CLS has rolled, and the third generation of CLS from Mercedes Benz Greensboro is finally going to roll in 2019.


Even the 2019 CLS bears that larger than usual look which was also found in the original version back in 2003. In fact, those who wanted some practicality would find the E-Class wagon much more sensible as a product. However, the cabin inside is sumptuous and classy, and while most of the CLS models had seating capability for four passengers, this brand new model will be featuring a traditional center seating in the rear line up.

Most of the experts at numerous centers offering quality Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro have agreed to the fact that the brand has not used the inline six-cylinder engine for long in any of their models. To bring in some change, the 2019 CLS will finally have the inline six-cylinder engine under the hood, and they expect to deliver a smooth running as well. To keep in touch with the appropriate performance levels, the model will also find a turbocharger and even an internal starter generator as well.

Mercedes-Benz has got high hopes regarding the performance because they expect it to have a performance that will match with the V8 power engine. As it is going to have 3.0-liter engine, an output of 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque is not negligible at all. Keeping touch with the future that Mercedes-Benz Project One heads towards to, this particular inclusion seems to be an appropriate model. Being arguably stylish, the CLS also has some exciting engine options to get into the list of favorites for car enthusiasts.

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