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Luxury and civilized platforms are currently ruling the automobile industry, and hence most of the brands have surrendered their models which had some rugged touch to redesign them keeping the subtle touch finally. But the Land Rover LR4 is one standalone model that still prefers to retain these rugged qualities with off-road capability that the name Land Rover bears with it. It might not be as plush or distinguished as the Range Rover Sport, but it’s definitely boxy and more in line with the traditional character that every model of Land Rover Greensboro bears.

Land Rover Greensboro

Now that you find some interest in the model let’s find few reasons why this can be an excellent buy for you.

First reason should always be the [...]

Even though most of the Land Rover Range Rover models have been off road concentric, still there was an announcement that Land Rover Discovery will get a new SVO version that is going to focus more on the off-road performance. And as the year ends, the brand has indeed kept up to their words as they come up with an extreme version- the Land Rover Discovery SVX.

Land Rover Greensboro

The product line tagged within the Special Vehicle Operation from Land Rover Greensboro will come have the Discovery SVX added, and going by the presumptions, it is definitely not going to disappoint on the performance. What’s the catch behind this grand entry and early announcement? For the first time, the Discovery [...]

For quite a few years, Land Rover has been receiving complaints regarding the stereotypical designs and shapes that most of their vehicles have received. In fact, many of their models have been tagged as camouflaged prototypes which only gives a recurrent look in the market. It was high time Land Rover worked on their styling, and hence they made an attempt to inject the new Discovery with a dashing styling of Evoque. The latest seven seater giant will definitely be a level up than the current generation and so will the prices as well. However, car enthusiasts have never denied paying more if the demands are met completely.


The representatives of Land Rover Greensboro have however guaranteed that the [...]

Land Rover Greensboro

Humor doesn’t spare anyone, so why should the automobile industry be? There are terms that often erupts rolls of laughter among the car enthusiasts, and for quite a few times, the SUV Convertible was a part of the funny bone as well. But, standing in 2017, it is no longer a stupid term at all, even though it might sound so. The 2017 Range Rover Evoque Drop-top is the new set in this small segment, and experts believe that it followed the trend which went discontinued after the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet.

But there are certain set of differences between the Evoque and the Nissan- the biggest being the automaker that has already established [...]

Premium luxury performance is the most common of all demands, but if you get a champion off road ride experience, it’s just the cherry that adds on the cake. The 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport comes with all these features and hence is an impressive model in the line. All the engines available with the vehicles are powerful enough and they can easily complement the impressive SUV ride quality. As far as looks are concerned, the interior and exterior features blend together to maintain the balance of the brand.

Land Rover Greensboro

So while you’ve always been looking for some flawless on road behavior, the Range Rover Sport from Land Rover Greensboro gives you practical utility and some sporty behavior. Why do [...]


There have been stories written across the world, where one single man proves to be equal to thousands of others, and their feat gives them some distinction in the society. Similar is the story of Jaguar’s chief engineer, who not only designs it but also test drives each and every model before rolling out. And in return, he collects all the accolades that he receives from the Land Rover lovers because nothing can be a more integrated and enthusing ride ever than the Land Rover Range Rover Sports SVR.

A great trick that has worked out immensely for the Land Rover Greensboro is their collaboration with Jaguar and together coming under the umbrella of Tata. Hence they had to prove the synergy through one of their models, and Range Rover Sports SVR rolled [...]

The first model of the Land Rover Discovery was launched way back in 1989, and the only reason why they came up with the new 2 door truck was because it could easily compete with the less expensive models that already ruled the market. It was definitely cheaper than the Land Rover Range Rover flagship range but maintained the on road capability of the bigger siblings. However, there’s no way denying that the Discovery from Land Rover Greensboro was agiler and positioned strategically to fit the lifestyle accessory.


It has been three decades already, and after this huge time gap, the brand has finally come up with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, which has become more popular in the market as Disco. Within this span of 28 years in the market, the brand has [...]

With Land Rover earning the third position quite strategically in the Total Quality Index, it pushes the Range Rover Evoque to earn the top position in the near luxury SUV segment. Quality has always been the ideal issue in any product based industry, and a strong commitment to delivering quality service and products have always given the brands the necessary edge that they always fight for. As far as the automobile industry is concerned, quality issues have always been a big concern for the brand makers as the safety and security of lives of their customers are dependent on it.

Land Rover Greensboro

However, in the Total Quality Index that has been released soon for the year 2017, the Land Rover Greensboro ranks among the top five names with a quintessentially high score in the [...]

The history of Land Rover Range Rover Sport might be long enough, but every year it has brought some new changes which have kept them alive among the car enthusiasts. But this 2017, it has become a bit more modern and the entire credit goes to the extra active safety technologies and new infotainment systems. And as far as the changes that can be externally noted is the complete line of 19 different colors that Land Rover makes operational this year.

Land Rover Greensboro

Even though there has been some hush-hush thing about the Range Rover Sport, the biggest change is being brought in the larger 10.2-inch touchscreen that replaces the 8.0-inch touchscreen in the previous models. Most of the Jaguar Land Rover products have been using the InControl Touch Pro technology for manufacturing [...]

Of all the Land Rover models that are available in the market, the Range Rover is undoubtedly a rare breed, and it needs no further clarification. The car runs at immense speed, and without even thinking twice, one can confidently say that there won’t be any slackening in the performance as well. The entire credit for this goes to the exhaust engine, which optimizes the engine power beyond the range that otherwise would go for the regular vehicles in the market.

The Range Rover from Land Rover Greensboro works on an unusual combination of high-end looks, an array of on road and off road capabilities that cannot be beaten down. The exhaust system of the vehicles are varied and each of them holds a unique place in the entire automobile industry. The [...]

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