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2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible: A Roofless All-Terrain Evoque SUV

Land Rover Greensboro

Humor doesn’t spare anyone, so why should the automobile industry be? There are terms that often erupts rolls of laughter among the car enthusiasts, and for quite a few times, the SUV Convertible was a part of the funny bone as well. But, standing in 2017, it is no longer a stupid term at all, even though it might sound so. The 2017 Range Rover Evoque Drop-top is the new set in this small segment, and experts believe that it followed the trend which went discontinued after the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet.

But there are certain set of differences between the Evoque and the Nissan- the biggest being the automaker that has already established itself as a brand and has carried forth fashion and high culture. Even though people have tagged it to be the least practical compact SUV, there are definitely differences in opinion for sure. The real focal point of this Land Rover Greensboro has been the lack of solid roof and the power folding canvas roof.

When launched in the market, the vehicle came with both two and four-door model, along with a style and design that has always been in the forefront. As the roof has been brought down, there’s no chance it will go unnoticed. And not just on the exterior portion of the vehicle, even the interior is not missed as far as the stylish features are concerned. One thing is for sure, sitting within this Land Rover Greensboro NC will enhance the experience and the roof being down, the drivers and the passengers can find some more room as well.

Driving a Land Rover has always been an experience on its own, and while you look up for long road trips, nothing could be better than these convertibles letting you feel the breeze. Even though it’s an SUV, the Evoque has got a ride height which is higher than the typical cars, and hence no more bumping while riding through the rough surfaces. The market has never been too much for the two-door roofless SUVs, however, this is a niche category that has hardly been ventured. So why miss a chance when you get the opportunity to try something new?

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