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The Dashing Land Rover Discovery Returns With a New Look

For quite a few years, Land Rover has been receiving complaints regarding the stereotypical designs and shapes that most of their vehicles have received. In fact, many of their models have been tagged as camouflaged prototypes which only gives a recurrent look in the market. It was high time Land Rover worked on their styling, and hence they made an attempt to inject the new Discovery with a dashing styling of Evoque. The latest seven seater giant will definitely be a level up than the current generation and so will the prices as well. However, car enthusiasts have never denied paying more if the demands are met completely.


The representatives of Land Rover Greensboro have however guaranteed that the new design and enhanced performance of the Discovery are sure to win the hearts. The new platform that the brand has provided definitely adds some lucrative features, and that gives an upscale to the attitude as well. The evolution process includes the shedding of the old and welcoming the new, and the Discovery has embarked on this concept completely. The traditional body frame and structure has been done away with and a lighter aluminum monocoque body has been added which makes the vehicle almost 1060 pounds lighter than the previous version.

Not just the structure, but the aerodynamic and design has been improved on multiple grounds enabling the vehicle to find some better off and on-road performance. However, there aren’t much of compromises done in the towing capability, as it still remains to be 8200 pounds. Mostly the Range Rovers had a boxy shape, and that needed to be done away with to give a fresh look.

Drive hundreds of miles in a Land Rover Greensboro NC and make sure you go through varied weather conditions as well, to realize the technological inputs. The improved aerodynamics have actually helped in developing the fuel efficiency and even passenger comfort within the Discovery. Continuous trial and error method often helps in finding the right design and technology, and that has seemed to work well for Land Rover Discovery.

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