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Guidelines For VW Transmission Fluid Change

You love driving your new car every single day. Well, that is understandable but have you ever stopped to think about replacing the transmission fluid once in a while? This is not too difficult to fathom but you are likely to be confused on hearing conflicting views emerge from multiple people. Remain committed to changing it though for failing to do it timely is sure to aggravate certain problems.


The best Volkswagen service center in your vicinity can help you learn about the facts.

Need for Transmission Fluid


The automatic transmission of your Volkswagen includes numerous tiny components. You are sure to be amazed to find pressure pumps, needle bearings; servo pistons, clutch packs as well as seals jostle for space. Remember that the components begin to wear out once they start to mesh together. They get covered with powdery metallic contaminants before long that causes the fluid to darken and lose its effectiveness.


Transmission Fluid Changing Process During Volkswagen service Greensboro

Sure, you can do it yourself if you follow the instructions carefully. None the less, it is important to get it done by a seasoned professional adept at dealing with VW repair Greensboro. You can always learn by watching the technician closely and making inquiries when in doubt. Here are the steps that are usually followed for changing the Transmission Fluid of a Volkswagen regardless its make and model.

  • The auto needs to be parked on an even surface
  • The transmission fluid is drained into a separate container while it remains warm. However, be sure to note that the car has cooled down appropriately.
  • Auto transmission fluid oil pan needs t be removed and cleaned thoroughly
  • The magnets inside need to be polished with the metal contaminants being eliminated completely
  • All the components that you may have detached and cleaned needs to be put back into place with the “automatic transmission fluid oil fill plug” re-installed too
  • Last but not the least; you need to start the VW and press down on the brake pedal while shifting through the gears. Be careful not to drive the vehicle though.

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