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How To Tell That Your Car Needs New Brakes

The last thing that you would want is to drive down the road in your Land Rover and find that the brakes are not working. Not only is this going to be a disaster for you, but it can turn into a life threatening experience for the others on the road. To avoid such a situation, you should not have been ignoring the tell-tale signs of problematic brakes. Experienced drivers can tell when the brakes are not working right. This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. You should be taking your Land Rover for a routine check up.

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What Happens at the Service Center?

When you drive your vehicle to an independent Land Rover Greensboro NC service center the technicians take a look at the brakes and can tell whether your car would need new brakes or not. There are certain instances that they will point out and which would reveal that you have to get new brakes at the earliest. Following are the instances:

Clicking noise- few vehicles have the brake pads fit nicely into a special holding device. The point is to keep the brakes firmly in place. If they become loose then the brakes will wobble around and began to rattle. Whenever you push or release the brake pedal you will hear the clicking noise.

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Squealing noise- A squealing or a faint scraping noise from your Land Rover when you are driving it is disturbing to hear. It is not the usual sound that should come from such a sophisticated vehicle. You also notice that the sound subsides when the brakes are hit. It returns as soon as you take your feet off the brake pads. You should be worried as this is an obvious sign that the brakes are not working fine. In current times all brake pads come with in-built wear indicators. The ‘wear indicators’ help do away with the squealing noise. These are located at the top of the brake pads. With the brakes corroded away to a great extent the indicator scrape against the rotor thus producing the noise.

Car nose shifts to one side when the brakes are applied- Driving at top speed or not you will need the brakes anytime to bring the vehicle to a halt. However, when you notice that the car nose shifts to one side when the brakes are applied then you should know that something is wrong with the brakes. There can be other underlying issues as well for this problem. To be sure it is better to drive it down to a Land Rover repair Greensboro service center.

Brake pedal shakes violently when pressed- Notice whether the brake pedal violently shakes when you press them. A type of resin holds the brake pads in place. When the pads wears down, the adhesive gets hot and is smeared across the rotor. It covers the disc uniformly under normal circumstances. However, if the pads are overheated then the resin does not get spread uniformly. This causes the brake pedals to vibrate.

Brake Fade- This is a common occurrence with the brake pads in your vehicle. This means when the problem occurs you will not be able to bring your Land Rover to an immediate halt. This problem occurs over a certain period when the driver intentionally hits the brakes over a long distance to make the vehicle come to a stop gradually and not all of a sudden. Doing so frequently will take its toll on the braking system over time. The friction taking place between the rotors and brake pads diminishes with time and that is when brake fade happens.

When it comes to brakes it is better not to fiddle with the matter. Brake safety should never be compromised. When it comes to keeping the braking system in good condition, ensure that you are not delaying it in any way.

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