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What Are the Common Engine Noises That Can’t be Overlooked

Whether you are driving a Mercedes Benz or a BMW if you see that the engine is giving out a lot of noises while driving then it can make you feel awkward on the road. These noises are not normal and should not be overlooked at all. Most of the time the owner does not even know whether the noises are problematic or not. Technicians at Greensboro auto service center will be able to point out the problem.


What Noises Are Problematic According to Technicians at Greensboro Auto Service Centre?


Following are some of the trouble signs to look out for:

Knocking or Ticking sound- Sounds like this from the engine points towards low oil levels or if the engine is not able to maintain adequate oil pressure. You need to take a look at the oil level and if the low pressure is too low, then it is better not to drive the car further.


Squealing noises- When you are driving your car and you hear squealing noises it might be hard to tell whether the noise is coming from the engine directly or from any other part. Squealing noise is not natural from the engine and it usually points to a belt or pulley that has worn out. If the belt comes loose or it wears out then it can compromise on the various functionalities of the vehicle. At one point you might not be able to drive the vehicle at all. If the squealing happens when you step on the brakes, then it means that the brakes have worn out. If this is not rectified on time, then you might be experiencing some massive and expensive damage.

Hissing Sound- Hissing sound from the engine points towards problem with the hoses connected to the radiator. One needs to check the temperature gauge to see whether it is overheating or not. If you notice that steam is coming out from the engine then it is a more critical sign and the vehicle should not be driven in such condition.

Exhaust Pops- While accelerating the car, if you hear a rumbling noise then in all likeness this is due to a hole in the muffler. This issue might not affect the performance of the vehicle but any issues in the same can be responsible for leaking fumes in the passenger compartment. Popping noise is also symbolical of leaks in the fuel injector. If this issue is not rectified on time then it can lead to engine damage or poor emission.

Whirring noise while accelerating- When you accelerate your vehicle if you hear a whirring noise then that can be due to certain parts requiring lubricant or a faulty torque converter. Your vehicle’s engine has several rotating belts apart from hoses and wires and gaskets. Over a long period these belts can stretch or crack while circulating at a high speed around pulleys. This can also be the source of the whirring noise. This might not seem to be a big deal but it is better to get it checked at one of the independent Greensboro auto repair centers.

A well-maintained vehicle should not be giving out any disturbing sounds. Driving the car should be a pleasurable experience for you. As such, if you hear these noises from the vehicle, ensure that they are being looked into while still there is time.

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