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How Did the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Perform in the Compact SUV Segment

There are compact SUVs and then there are compact SUVs. However, the auto enthusiasts were thrilled to find that the title of the best compact SUV for the year 2019 was grabbed by Volkswagen Tiguan. This was the second time that this prestigious title was conferred SUV Tiguan. It was not without reason though as the top technicians at dealerships offering Volkswagen service confirm.

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How Tough Was the Competition


The contest was a closely fought one with 6 impressive automobiles participating in it. SUV Tiguan won convincingly when it came to its driving power. The infotainment system as well as its roomy interior and safety parameters were higher than average. Its cabin comfort happened to be amazing too. It is little wonder therefore that it won hands down beating the other contenders fair & square. It led right from the front when it was checked on the comfort and convenience along with safety factor for its front and rear seats, multimedia and various controls. The interior quality happened to be superlative as well with powertrain, auto handling, storage space for cargo and availability of child seats being a major plus in its favor.

The CEO of the “Volkswagen Group of America” admitted to certain changes in design that helped the SUV to win comfortably once again in 2019.

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The judges of the contest focused on the trim levels particularly those in the $34,00- $40,000 segment. With multiple categories being checked thoroughly before scores were declared, the2019 SUV Tiguan ticked all boxes comfortably. Of particular interest was the fact that this front wheel drive SUV priced at $25,290 is available in seven astounding trim level variants. While the very idea of buying a compact SUV that has been hailed as the best can give you a certain high, you would get yourself a good bargain.

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