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When Should You Replace The Battery of Your Volkswagen Car

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The battery is a vital component in any vehicle which, in conjugation with the alternator supplies electric power needed for the lights, stereo, and all other electrical components of the car. The main purpose of the battery is to feed starter, which powers to start your Volkswagen’s engine. The battery stores electrical power to start the engine, and helps electronic components function in case alternator fails to supply enough power.

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How Does the Battery Work?

Usually, the function is the result of a lead-acid chemical reaction which helps get things moving and grooving. As the alternator supplies the power, the battery jolts the engine to life. At the same time, it helps other components function, including lights and other accessories.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Battery?

Slow Engine Crank:

The engine refuses to start if it does to get the powered required. When the battery is too low, the engine takes too longer than normal to start.

Clicking Sound:

If you hear any clicking sound as you turn the key, you must understand that the battery is low, and is in need of an inspection, notes a Volkswagen service expert.

Dim Headlights:

If the battery is failing, it won’t be able to supply power and help other components function properly-including your headlights.

Battery Warning Light:

If the batter charge is low on charge, the battery warning light will illuminate. In the worse case, the engine will stop, and you might get stranded in the middle of the road.

Can One Drive with a Battery Problem?

Yes, one can. Only a jumpstart will be required to get the engine going. Besides, you can manually push start the transmissions, but it would be tricky and dangerous. So, it is recommended to have the battery problems fixed before it’s too late.

How Often Do Batteries Need to Replaced?

Unlike other components, there’s no specific mileage interval or age when batteries fail. Usually, as it gets aged, it is likely to function poorly. Besides, factors like in which climate you drive and how often you treat your car with maintenance also determine the life expectancy of the battery.

For battery change and regular maintenance, bring your vehicle in at a body shop for Volkswagen repair Greensboro NC.

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