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The Many Sources for Coolant Leak In Your BMW-7 Series

BMW-7 Series

Have you ever noticed the awe on the onlookers face when you drive down your BMW-7 Series? That awe could easily change into embarrassment if the car suddenly comes to a halt. Make sure that you are not the unlucky ones who face such a fate. As in every car, the coolant is responsible for keeping the vehicle cool and working properly. If the cooling system does not work properly, then that will mean trouble for your car. Hence, experts at any BMW service Greensboro body shop asks the owners to take a note of any signs for coolant leaks.

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How does the coolant help?

The role of the coolant is to keep the vehicle cool. Overheating can have a bad effect on the car and it can make it come to a halt all of a sudden if it is not present in abundance. Coolant is usually a 50/50 combination of water and antifreeze that is present in the car radiator. When the car heats, it is the role of the coolant to bring the heat down so that it does not ruin the engine and other parts.

BMW-7 Series Interior

What are the signs of a coolant leak?

There are several signs of coolant leak. While driving the car if you see that the engine is always warmer, then that will mean that the car is losing coolant from a certain part. Overuse and no maintenance can be the culprits in such cases. Also, look out for the check engine light which may be turned on if the engine gets overheated. Also, the coolant temperature warning light may also come on if the engine does not cool off properly.

What are the sources of coolant leak in your BMW-7 Series

There are more than one source for leaking coolant from your BMW-7 series. You will observe that parts in the coolant system often breaks down when the coolant gets corrosive. Another sure shot way to point out a coolant leak is to check the radiator cap. The radiator cap is responsible for maintaining the pressure properly in the cooling system. Experts servicing BMW’s at any body shop Greensboro will also point out that the contamination of the coolant reservoir is yet another cause for coolant leakage.

At the same time, do look for any damage that might have occurred to the cylinder head, engine cylinder and head gasket. One can also blame the weather conditions for any big to small coolant leak in your BMW-7 Series.

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