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Tips to Move Out When Your BMW Gets Stuck in the Snow

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Getting stuck in the snow is one of the most execrable experience one encounters in a lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common in certain areas where snow falling is commonplace phenomenon. No matter how sharply you turn or wherever you park, chances are always in certain climates where snow falling is regular occurrence. While getting the car out of the snow can be challenging, there are a lot of things that you can do to move out of it.

BMW service Greensboro NC

Remove the Snow:

All you need is a shovel or similar tool to remove the snow that surrounds your BMW. Keep digging out as long as you done with clearing them away. Be cautious while handling ice.

  • If the snow is heavy and deep, you might double up your effort. Scrape off the snow that stuck into the grooves in the tire.
  • Not all ice need to be removed, especially the one that’s textured.

Check the Tailpipe Before You Start the Engine:

Once you’ve dug out your BMW, make sure the tailpipe is free of snow. While clearing away the snow from around it, make sure the tailpipe is itself clear and doesn’t get buried again. Neglecting this job increases the chances of the exhaust building up in the car, notes one of the BMW service experts.

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Pour Something Gritty Around the Tires:

Put down a gritty substance in front, behind, and on the sides of the tires. It would help your tires gain taction when you try to back up or move forward. Some substances you consider include:

  • Salt (this is pretty effective as it helps tires gain traction and also melts the ice and snow underneath them.
  • Car nats, carpet squres. Welcome mats.
  • Sand
  • Kitty litter

Use Solid Materials to Help Your Tires Gain Traction:

If the gritty substances are not enough in enhancing the traction, you can consider solid materials in front and behind the tires of your BMW. This includes piece plywood, ridged sheet metal, or similar items. If you please, you can have the tires looked into at your nearby auto body shop for a thorough BMW service Greensboro NC.

Have Your All Wheel Drive Activated:

If you have all wheel or four wheel drive, be sure to turn it on before you try to drive your car out of the snow. Ultimately, the more tires that you can spin, the more traction your car will have and the easier you can help free yourself.

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