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How to Keep Your Audi Road Ready in Greensboro During Springs

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Spring time is often associated with housecleaning, but here at auto body shop Greensboro, NC, it is high time to treat your car to some care as well. Routine maintenance and seasonal checkups are necessary to keep the vehicle running smooth.

With winter disappearing, early spring is the ideal time for getting your Audi prepared for road trips and more frequent driving.

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Wash & Wax:

After the winter’s onslaught of snow, ice, salt, and slush, be sure to treat your car to a clean sweep, especially on the underside. To add an effective salt-busting shield, apply rust-proof.

Schedule an Oil Filter Change:

Why is it important to change oil? Treating your Audi to regular oil change is essential for engine’s health. The impurities in the motor oil results in overheating of the engine, which eventually affects the engine life and performance. Moreover, oil becomes less effective as it ages. Hence, it is important to change the oil after certain interval. Schedule an oil change at the start of spring to help your engine purr all season long.

Test Your Battery & Replace, if Necessary:

If the battery runs dead, chances you might get stranded in the middle of the road, without any repair facilities nearby. To avoid such embarrassments, it is important to test your battery. Since low temperature is responsible to force your battery to work harder, it is high time to have checked and replaced, if necessary.

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Check Tire Pressure and Tread:

Don’t be lethargic with road safety. Check your Audi’s tire pressure in the morning before hitting the road for the day. Keep the tires in their recommended pressure range. Make sure your treads are fine and tires are well inflated. Also, if you installed winter tires, be sure to remove them and use all-season tires for the spring through autumn.

Replace Your Wiper Blades:

The onslaught of winter is likely to damage the winter blades. To keep it in good condition, do treat it to a simple wiper cleaning. However, if it does not work, it is best to have it replaced with a new one.

Over all Audi is an impressive car. To keep the vehicle in good condition, take it in for regular maintenance and repair at an outlet for Audi Greensboro NC.

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