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The New Five-Passenger-SUV Atlas from Volkswagen is What You Need

Volkswagen Atlas SUV

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced the launch of a new five-passenger SUV that would be based on the award-winning MQB platform. The new SUV will be a variant of the existing seven-passenger Atlas and will be manufactured at the Volkswagen’s Chattanooga factory. According to the sources, the new five-passenger SUV will be designed and engineered keeping in mind the American market.

The Atlas was a great success for the company, hence the company is now excited to expand their range of SUVs. Therefore, car buyers will now have more options to choose from and fulfill their driving needs. The best part is with the announcement of the launch of the new SUV; new job opportunities will also come up for the Americans. Thus not only the car buyers, but the Americans will be benefitted as a whole with the launch of the new car. Volkswagen is all set to invest about $340 million to bring the vehicle to market, in addition to the $900 million that has already been invested to expand the plant for the production of Altas. The new five-passenger SUV will be the third model to be assembled at the Chattanooga factory, which also produces the Passat sedan. The concept of the new five-passenger SUV will be launched at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Moreover, the car company may refer the new SUV as a “coupé” during their launch.

Volkswagen Atlas SUV Interior

The details about the new five-passenger SUV is yet to be revealed. Thus the car buyers will have to wait to see whether the new SUV model is shorter than the existing seven-seater model or the same 117.3-inch wheelbase will be retained in the new model.

However, the car buyers can get prepared before they get their hands on the new five-passenger SUV by looking for a reputed service centre and a Volkswagen certified auto body shop Greensboro NC, so that they can maintain their new car properly. No doubt the cars from Volkswagen Greensboro NC have always been suited to their customers, so you can expect the new car to be the perfect choice for you as well.


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