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How to Upgrade 2003-2004 Range Rover Back Camera

2003-2004 Range Rover Back Camera

If anything goes wrong with the existing camera system, it could be easily replaced with a brand new system at no cost. This article is intended to give a complete know-how on installing a reverse backup camera that operates automatically when one puts one’s Range Rover in reverse.

The best thing about this replacement is that you don’t need any tool to operate this. All you need is certain level of knowledge and skill, and the job is done. You can also take advice from the Land Rover Greensboro experts.

First Step:

  • In the Range Rover 2003-2004, a reverse backup camera can be connected with the television module providing you with full backup camera function on your Range Rover Display.
  • Make sure that the car is equipped with BMW TV video module. If not equipped, be sure to retrofit Range Rover Television module. Search in Google: retrofit range rover television module — for available options.
  • Backup Camera Automatic Switching Requires a reverse camera switching module kit, and a NTSC reverse camera mounted in any location desired.

Second Step:

  • Fix switching module BLUE wire into Pin 17 on the BLUE plug on your TV video module.
  • Move the Black Locking lever to the side on your TV video module to turn loose the Blue plug.
  • Detach the cover of the blue plug by gently rasing the cover locking tab with the help of a small screw driver. Then slip the cover off.
  • Thrust the BLUE pin into the Pin location 17. A close look will reveal the number 18 on the black part of the plug. Pin 17 would be the next pin location over.
  • Also remember: if your camera switch module has an extra wire in the center marked 87a, it is not attached anywhere. Remove this extra wire, if present.

Third Step:

  • Attach the RCA connectors that come with the Reversing Camera Switching module with the white plug.
  • Take the cover off of the white plug as mentioned.
  • Fix the colored wire on the RCA Plug into the White plug Pin location 13
  • Plunge the BLACK wire on the RCA Plug into the White plug Pin location 14
  • Look for wiring diagram for reference

Forth Step:

  • Lodge your Reversing Camera as per the specifications outlined by the Camera supplier.
  • Make the RCA Camera Output (MALE RCA) connected with the Reversing Camera Switching module RCA Video input cable (FEMALE RCA)

This simple guideline will help you upgrade the camera system of your Range Rover. However, if you fall short of confident, be advised to hire Land Rover service to get the job done.

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