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Save On Gas with Mercedes-Benz Engine Cylinder Management

Mercedes-Benz Engine Cylinder Management

One thing that is on every car owner’s mind is gas economy. With rising fuel costs, everyone is willing to buy a car that can help them save gas and offer the best mileage. Mercedes Benz has always designed cars keeping in mind the needs of their customers and the Engine Cylinder Management is one technology that makes the Mercedes Benz vehicles even more efficient.

The Mercedes-Benz Engine Cylinder Management uses only half of the engine to run the car, thus saving the consumption of fuel. This means only half of the engine is being used while driving, which helps drivers commute without the risk of any accidental tire spin. The next question is how to use the Engine Cylinder Management system? It is quite easy. Just make sure your car is equipped with the Engine Cylinder Management system. Turn on the system and put your car on the ‘comfort’ mode. This ensures that half of the engine is in deactivated mode in between 1,000 and 3,250 RPMs. Remember the other half of the engine will start working as soon as the engine speeds cross the 3,250 RPMs mark. This means you need to keep a check on the speed while driving in order to keep the Engine Cylinder Management system working.

If you are having any problem activating or deactivating the Engine Cylinder Management system, you can visit a nearby Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro and get the system checked. However, it is important that the Mercedes Benz service you choose is certified and is experienced in handling Mercedes Benz cars with advanced systems. Service providers that upgrade their skills will only be able to understand the advanced technologies used in the new age cars and reach to the root of the problem quickly. Remember the earlier the problems are detected, the better it is since any delay in detection can lead to expensive repairs.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a car that offers outstanding fuel economy, then you must consider buying a Mercedes Benz car that is equipped with the Engine Cylinder Management system. Visit to the local Mercedes Benz dealer Greensboro to know about the options and make driving even more enjoyable!

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