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Give Up Your Bad Habits to Keep Your BMW Engine in Good Health

The engine in your BMW is an important mechanical device that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Proper care and regular maintenance is necessary to keep the engine in top health. At the same time, give up certain bad driving habits to avoid any damage to the engine.

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Frequent Redlining

On the tachometer of your vehicle, you will notice some red lines. This area, marked usually in red, shows maximum speed at which an engine is engineered to operate. While driving one should resist the urge to go into that red zone because the engine can’t sustain those constant high revs. Frequent redlining may subsequently damage the engine, for it keep the engine incredibly hot. Moreover, it can also affect other important components, such as the transmission and valve train. In cases like this, take your vehicle to the nearby BMW service Greensboro.

Driving Away Immediately

Driving away immediately after turning on the vehicle may cause the expensive damage to the engine. When the vehicle is stationary for extended period of time, the oil gets thick and does not a protective coat over the moving parts like it should. Give your engine run a while after turning it on. Let the heat warm up the oil enough to properly lubricate all these important components.

Not Changing the Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It is most essential substance that keeps all those moving parts running smoothly. Oil also helps keep the engine cool and clean. If you do not treat your vehicle to an oil change as recommended, you could be causing serious damage to your engine. Check the engine oil level at regular interval and get regular oil changes to ensure your engine can survive long.

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Filling the Radiator with Water

The radiator plays a vital role in keeping your engine cool, notes one of the BMW repair experts. If the engine is cold, the recommended practice is to open the radiator cap and top up it with a mixture of water and coolant. Adding just water may cause major damage to the engine. If that water freezes during the winter, it could result in a massive crack in your engine block.

Ignoring the Check Engine Light


Many drivers tend ignore the Check Engine Light if it comes on. Usually, the light can come on due to numerous reasons. It might come on due to the gas cap not being on tight enough, or it can also come on if the catalytic converter is failing. All these eventually cause a massive damage to the engine. If the Check Engine Light comes on, it would be great to have your vehicle checked by a mechanic.

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