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How to Change the Engine Oil on a Land Rover TDI

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To keep your Land Rover TDI in good condition, regular engine oil changes are very important. The residue from the vegetable oil can mix with the engine oil and eventually turn the engine oil to sludge.

For the 300TDI engine, a 10W/40 or 15W/40 gradeoil will be the best option. Besides, Castrol Magnatec and Mobil1 can be used for TDI engines with no problems. The engine usually holds 6.85 litre of oil – meaning you are going to need 2 bottles of oil as it comes in either 4 or 5 litre cans.

Things to keep in mind before starting:

  • Be sure to wear gloves and have plenty of old rags or else the oil might get everywhere.
  • Catch the old oil in a good sized container. A washing up bowl will be a great choice for this cause.
  • Be careful. The oil will be hot. Do not burn your hand.
  • Look for a way of disposing of the old oil before you start. Most councils will have an oil recycling facility, so take it there.

Get Started:

Park your Land Rover on level ground. This will give you an accurate oil reading on the dipstick.

You can occasionally use engine flush, if not always. It will help clean out the insides of the engine and loosen up any dirt and grime. Add this to the engine through the oil filler cap and then leave the engine running for 15 minutes on a fast idle.

If you don’t use engine flush, let the engine run for 15 minutes to warm the oil up. The hotter it gets, the better it drains. As the engine runs, sort out the other things that you may need to do the oil change. To avoid the hassles, you can rather seek the Land Rover service for an oil change.

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Draining the Engine Oil:

After 15 minutes, switch the engine off.

Now, you have to deal with the messy bit.

  • Put those rubber gloves on and place the bowl or container under the Land Rover.
  • Use the properly sized box-end wrench, usually metric, for the plug.
  • Always use jack stands. Never work under a car that’s supported by a jack only.
  • Use new oil to coat the oil filter gasket before spinning it on.
  • Always hand-tighten the filter.

Doing all these things may be time-consuming. Hence, leave the task to experts offering Land Rover service Greensboro NC to handle. The experts will take better care of your vehicle that you can do.

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