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Drive the Highly Automated BMW and Feel the Difference On Road

Just visit the showrooms of the highly decorated luxury vehicle brands, and you’ll get to see a broad spectrum of the future that lies ahead. Same goes for the BMW as well, a brand that takes pride in creating some of the ultimate driving machines where their engineering skills are taken to a new level each and every decade, and bodies of the vehicles have moved with the ergonomic times.

BMW Greensboro

Each of the BMW Greensboro that has rolled in the market maintains a sequence and they leave a gap in between each other. Innovation has always been a smooth process and instead of giving a marginal gain, these changes have provided a paradigm shift. However, building smart vehicles have always been the focus of these luxury brand makers and hence BMW has tied up with Intel who is great in building chips for computers. They have not restricted themselves in delivering smart computers, but also played an important role in designing the fully autonomous vehicles. In some of the recent vehicles, the latest technology Mobileye has also been integrated, and that promises to make the vehicle smarter as well.

What most of the manufacturers have identified while carrying an audit is drivers recurrently fumbling with their mobile phones while driving. So what could have been done to solve this problem? Primarily, nothing could be done other than parking the vehicles and sort it out so that anything doesn’t come and hit them. But now, BMW can imagine of having self-driving vehicles which give the power to engage in other activities even while driving. This is definitely no more a dream, and BMW service Greensboro has customized and integrated highly automated driving features in their smart cars like BMW 530. In fact, all the new 5 Series and 7 Series that roll in the market come with a limited gesture control.

As days progress, cars are only getting smarter. Highly automated driving project that BMW has undertaken promises to enhance the experience on the road and only mutual co-operation can better the driving options.

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