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The New Audi RS 4 Avant: Icon With An Incomparable History

Most of the renowned brands in the industry have always tried to combine new things so that the new models that roll in the market set a new definition for the rest of the competitors in the market. So has Audi for the year 2017 as well. As of now, they have already allowed the Audi RS4 Avant make its global debut in style, and the perfect combination of high-end performance and easy accessibility allows it to grasp the attention of the luxury car lovers.

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Most of the representatives at Audi Greensboro claims that this RS 4 Avant turns out to be an iconic model and holds a history that can be hardly compared with the rest. However, there are some common features which it shares with the rest of the RS4 models for sure- and this gives them to blend immense power and superb utility. The model will be featuring 2.9-liter TFSI engine which will be comfortable enough to deliver 450 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. Those who are aware of the car performance, these figures are undoubtedly impressive.

Several test drives have already been taken, and it has been seen that the muscular RS4 takes a massive sprint and is capable of gaining the speed of 100 kilometers per hour from complete rest in just 4.1 seconds. Even though the top speed is claimed to be 250 kilometers per hour, with the option RS dynamic package, the top speed can easily reach 280 kph.

Getting the vehicles lighter is the new trend, believe experts in Audi repair Greensboro NC. And to stay on par with this trend, the RS4 has been made 80 kg less than the previous model, making the figures rest at 1,790 kilograms. Giving the drivers a better experience is what Audi has always focused on, and the RS4 has been designed accordingly to define a new set piece of driving altogether. Having the honeycomb pattern in the sports version, Audi has got the RS emblem on all the side doors. How often have you been disappointed with Audi? A brand that has earned the trust and respect of all car enthusiasts perseveres to match their standard performance as well.

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