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Highest Total Quality Award Brings In A Validated Market to the Range Rover Evoque

With Land Rover earning the third position quite strategically in the Total Quality Index, it pushes the Range Rover Evoque to earn the top position in the near luxury SUV segment. Quality has always been the ideal issue in any product based industry, and a strong commitment to delivering quality service and products have always given the brands the necessary edge that they always fight for. As far as the automobile industry is concerned, quality issues have always been a big concern for the brand makers as the safety and security of lives of their customers are dependent on it.

Land Rover Greensboro

However, in the Total Quality Index that has been released soon for the year 2017, the Land Rover Greensboro ranks among the top five names with a quintessentially high score in the quality score. This recognition automatically brings up two inferences- one, the buyers judge these vehicles high in the perceived quality, and two, the emotional delight maintained by the brand is true and loyal. The Total Quality Index is being generally measured based on the experience of the owners completely. So the brands are being judged not by just the driving experience that their customers have, but also through the ownership experience right from the first day. Even the service that is being provided by the brands during the repair or regular maintenance service is being measured while the customers judge them.

The Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover Greensboro NC has been successful in receiving the highest Total Quality Score in the near luxury segment and the final tally of the awards won crosses more than a century accolades across the globe. The several grounds on which the vehicle was judged were thoughtful engineering, the image of the model, the exterior workmanship bringing the subtle touch to the beast, the climate control system, interior styling features, and a few more. Moreover, it is the feeling of owning a Land Rover, that has persuaded the owners to vote for the Range Rover Evoque.

Range Rover Evoque has indeed made history to reach such a position within this short span. While the sales are already up by 19 percent, the brand looks forward to a bright future.

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