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BMW Alternator System | BMW Service in Greensboro, NC

BMW Alternator Assembly Charging Systems : BMW Greensboro, NC

BMW Alternator System

Your BMW is full of complex and intricate mechanisms and systems. Its engine, just like in any other vehicle, serves as the core system of the life of your BMW car. It is the engine that is considered as the system that controls almost all of the systems of the automobile. Without the engine, it would be impossible to put the vehicle in motion. However, the functions of the engine system would not be possible without the help of another system – the electrical system.

The electrical system transforms mechanical power to electrical power and transmits it from one automotive system and to another. The electrical system owes its power in turn from another electrical component: the battery. The battery is the heart of the electrical system. The same with the engine’s need for gasoline to keep its function, the battery also needs to be fed, or else its voltage will be lost. Eventually, the system would not be able to convey its significant participation to the entire operation of the automobile.

This is where the charging system comes into play. The charging procedure of the electrical system of your BMW car is carried out through the alternator. The alternator is one of the two basic components (the other one is the voltage regulator) of the charging system. These components work together with the battery to supply the necessary power or current whenever your BMW car is running. The output it actually produces is direct current as your BMW alternator is responsible for the process of generating and delivering electrical power to the battery and the rest of the electrical system of the car.

The alternator produces voltage and current by simply using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The process would basically revolve around the magnet (rotor), rotated inside a stationery looped conductor (stator) and then a voltage is generated. It is important to note that the strength and polarity of the voltage is dependent to these factors: on the direction of rotation; the strength of the magnetic field; the number of conductors; and as well as the speed of the rotor inside the stator.

The BMW alternator assembly is the arrangement of many components. If the charging system of your car is not working properly (intermittent charging results) there is something wrong with this assembly. Normally, your BMW alternator would fail to work because of the regulator brushes located at the back of the alternator. As part of preventive measures, you should get the system checked on a regular basis to detect whatever the cause of the failure is, here at Eurobahn Motorsports we will be happy to do that for you.

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