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Are you having problems with your BMW electrical system? Do you hear strange sounds like knocking or grinding? Does your battery keep running out of power and you are constantly asking for a jump? Before you buy a new battery, visit us at Eurobahn Motorsports for a full inspection of your electrical system including your alternator. We are your BMW Service Greensboro Specialists.

BMW Alternator Service Greensboro Nc

Our service includes:

  • Full inspection of electrical system
  • Test of alternator
  • Inspection of wiring
  • Inspection of wiring
  • Inspection of other components
  • Repair/Rebuilt or Replacement of Alternator if necessary

Often alternator problems are overlooked and diagnosed incorrectly as battery problems but you can save time and lots of money by having your car evaluated with a full computer electrical system inspection which will point out the right issue in a matter of minutes thus saving you time and money.

The alternator main function is to provide electrical charge to the battery and the electrical system. When the alternator starts to fail, your vehicles electrical system will perform erratically, its battery will discharge, and your engine will lose power. A complete electrical system evaluation from Eurobahn Motorsports will let you know if your alternator is generating the proper amount of current and voltage.

Your car’s electrical system is extremely important. If left unchecked or unattended, may cause a problem with your car’s electrical system and can cause other damages like broken sensors, damage battery, damage starter and more. Bring your car to Eurobahn Motorsports for a full inspection, so we can help you assess the situation and make sure that your alternator is working properly.

 We are happy to provide you with the best customer service experience, plus with have certified BMW technicians that are ready to handle any situation, so we are your choice for BMW Repair Greensboro NC. We only use original factory parts, so you can rest assure that your BMW will maintain its value.


Eurobahn Motorsports BMW-MINI Mercedes-Benz proudly serving the following cities

 BMW Burlington, NC                BMW Greensboro, NC

BMW High Point, NC                BMW Jamestown, NC

   BMW Kernersville, NC

BMW Winston Salem, NC

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