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BMW Engine bed plate Replacement | BMW Service Greensboro NC

Eurobahn is your BMW Greensboro NC Service Center, No job is too big or small for Us!

Your BMW is serviced by a certified BMW specialist. Our resident Master Technician, Aaron, came across a great project recently where he had to pull the transmission out of a BMW 335i. 

Check out the pictures we took in the shop for a better understanding of how the process works.

BMW Engine Bedplate

BMW Engine bed plate

So the customer came in concerned about an oil leak, and we decided it was either the Rear main seal or the Engine bed plate because you cant tell which one it is without pulling out the transmission for sure. So we decided to do the Rear main seal because it was the most accessible, but the leak continued. So we removed the transmission, cleaned the oil and ran the car and found out it was the Engine bed plate leaking.

BMW W54 Engine

BMW N54 Engine

The BMW N54 engine commonly found in the 335i uses a bed plate design. This bed plate, which is basically a 2-piece engine block, is how BMW engineers were able to build a durable, and powerful engine. The 2-piece design is much stronger than the traditional 1-piece casting. Unfortunately in rare cases oil can leak between the 2-pieces — Which requires removal of the engine, and tear down of the bottom end to repair.

Bottom line, we got the job done and the customer left happy.  If your BMW is experiencing similar issues bring it in and let our ASE certified technicians take a look at it. We will get you up and back on the road in no time! Eurobahn is your BMW service repair center greensboro nc . Contact Us today!


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