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Interior Restoration


Rebuilding a seat after the materials have workout their useful life is dependent on the purpose and intent of the seat itself. Remember, you are going to use that seat every time you get in your vehicle, might as well make it comfortable. At Eurobahn Motorsports we specialize in Interior Restoration.

Materials have improved dramatically, the cushions in the seat bottom are now built not only to be soft and comfortable, also to withstand the extreme temperatures and differences in size / weight of its occupants. Replacing a seat cushion with one that is more your liking is a complex decision.

This is where experience in replacing many seat cushions and using a variety of materials matters. We choose materials based on their ability to reach a high standard so that they will do what they say they will for a long time. Some people want more support in the sides, while wanting it to be easier on your bottom, this is where we have knowledge to share and explain how it will be different than the material used at the factory.

Walking a customer through all the variations of materials underneath the actual cover is not a phone conversation or email away, we could do it that way, but and we mean but, our goal is to deliver you what you want. So, a face to face discussion is our best bet to deliver quality. Picking out materials for the performance underneath is where we have the edge in providing lasting results.

Understanding how to correctly take apart is seat and be able to replace, fine tune, add/subtract material, and then cover it with material so that it has the right look and feel is not a textbook process, so when you do get your car back and it delivers the performance you expect, looks better than OEM, you know you got your monies worth.

Don’t forget the expectations from your automobile manufacturer, they have strict requirements of ‘how’ a seat is put together to ensure that it will perform properly in the event of an impending accident. We are certified and will return your interior to OEM specs for safety reasons, it is the right thing to do.

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