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Replacing the VW Clock Spring & Steering Angle Sensor

Volkswagen service Greensboro -Clock spring and steering angle sensor replacing

Most VWs feature a combined clock spring and steering angle sensor that must be replaced as a single unit.

Volkswagen steering service Greensboro


When you have a faulty VW clock spring or steering angle sensor in Greensboro, you may notice the following symptoms.

  • Airbag light stays on
  • Horn won’t work
  • Traction control / stability control light on
  • ABS light stays on
  • Cruise control won’t work.
  • The steering wheel buttons don’t work.

No matter which component fails, you may notice one of these problems, or you may have multiple problems.

Things You Require:

  • M12 Triple Square Bit
  • Ratchet Wrench or Breaker Bar
  • Screwdriver
  • Work Gloves
  • Thread lock
  • Torx bit set
  • Torque wrench


The following is how to replace the clock spring and steering angle sensor on Volkswagen.

Step 1: Make sure the front wheels point forward.

Step 2: Open the hood and disconnect the battery. You must perform this step to maintain ignition or position I, else the steering wheel will lock and you will not be able to turn the steering wheel.

Step 3: Wait 15 minutes before moving on to the next phase.

Step 4: Remove the top trim on steering wheel column. In most cases, it will lift. Usually there are only clips and no screws. Turn the steering wheel to the left to bring the left hole to the top of the steering wheel. Let the airbag deflate by inserting a screwdriver into the hole on the back of the steering wheel.

Step 5: Make sure you’re at least one foot away from the airbag at all times. Removing the airbags is a time-consuming process that demands patience. Seek professional help from Volkswagen service Greensboro.

Step 6: Disconnect the airbag cables and place the airbag to the side with care.

Step 7: To loosen and remove the circular bolt that secures the steering wheel, use an M12 triple square bit.

Step 8: Make a note of the steering column and shaft so you can replace the steering wheel in the same spot.

Step 9: Pull the steering wheel away from the steering column and take it away from you. Make sure that the three Torx bit screws that hold the bottom trim in place are removed.

Step 10: Remove the lowest section of the plastic trim of the steering column.

Step 11: Remove the screws holding the clock spring in place.

Step 12: Remove the clock spring’s electrical connector. Press on the connector tab and then pull the connector out to release the connector.

Step 13: Take out the clock spring from the steering column.

Step 14: Before reinstalling the clock spring, make sure you locate the centre of the new clock spring. After every five revolutions, be sure to replace the clock spring with a fresh one. If your clock is broken, it must be reinstalled in the opposite sequence.

Step 15: Install the steering wheel in the other direction. Tighten the steering wheel to the specified torque and apply thread lock on the threads.

Step 16: Reconnect it and press it against the steering wheel to install the airbag.

Step 17: Connect the battery again.

Step 18: To reset the stability control or any other warning lights that may come on, start the engine and turn the steering wheel left and right several times.

The steering angle sensor on a Volkswagen Jetta could be reset by simply turning the steering wheel left and right. If this process fails, you’ll need to use a VW scanner to reset the VW steering angle. The instructions are same for all Volkswagen. Consult Greensboro auto repair for the inspection and repair of your vehicle.

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