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What To Do When You Face a Car Accident During The Pandemic

Millions of people have been under lockdown, coming out of lockdown or quarantined in the United States during the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, accidents are still reported despite the small number of drivers on the road. In many municipalities, the percentage of fast and careless driving is increasing.

Although accidents always happen, it’s not an ordinary time. Many drivers are not sure what to do when they end up crashing against a divider or running over under influence during a pandemic. While the laws and procedures vary from state to state, here are some general guidelines to follow in the event of an accident.

If you become a victim of a car accident during a pandemic, please do not wait until it is too late to seek fair compensation for your injury. Contact Injury Lawyers immediately to set up your free, no obligation initial consultation.

What If There Are No Damage or Injuries:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, many emergency services across the country are operating within limited range. Therefore, in some states, you do not need to contact the police if you are involved in an accident that did not cause serious injury or damage. However, in some cases it may be advisable to file a report with the police. After a minor accident, it is still important to do the following during a coronavirus pandemic:

  • Maintain social distancing when exchanging information with other relevant drivers.
  • Collect on-site evidence (on-site pictures, license plate information, etc.)
  • Contact your insurance provider.

What to Do If There Are Damage or Injuries:

If you have an accident that causes significant property damage and/or injuries, you will usually need to call the police. This is usually the case if the damage from the accident does not outstrip a certain amount of the dollar, which can fluctuate from state to state. Fortunately, with Volkswagen service, you can keep your vehicle road-ready and avoid unfortunate mishaps.

  • Talk to the police
  • Request medical attention
  • Collect evidence on site and exchange information
  • Identify possible witnesses
  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Call a local traffic accident lawyer

Do you need to hire a traffic lawyer?

In general, if you have experienced a minor traffic accident that did not result in injuries and little or no material damage, you may not want to hire a traffic accident lawyer.

However, if you have get into an accident that has resulted in multiple injuries and / or damage, speak to a reputable car accident attorney in your area as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bring your car in at body shop Greensboro for checkups and repairs.

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