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DIY Interior Car Detailing Pocket Friendly Tips

At times just owning a car is not sufficient. As the owner you are responsible for its well-being as well. So if you are a Mercedes Benz owner then you have to take your vehicle for servicing at regular intervals. A Mercedes Benz service by the professionals will ensure that your car is free from the glitches that it has been showing of late. Timely servicing is essential for all vehicles be it a Mercedes or a BMW or a Land Rover. However the upkeep of your prized vehicle depends on you as well. It might not always be possible for you to take it for servicing frequently. For small things like cleaning the interior of the car or to keep it clean the owner can also do those on own. There are plenty of affordable options that can fit in your budget.

Interior Car Detailing Tips for Mercedes Benz

Following are the DIY car detailing tips for every Mercedes Benz owner:

A coffee filter can be used to wipe the dash- The dashboard can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt which needs to be cleaned. Same applies to the interiors of the doors. A coffee filter is a good choice for wiping the dirt and dust and make them appear as good as new. The coffee filters clean off the dust easily leaving behind a smooth and clean surface. Once done dab some Vaseline and wipe it off with a soft cloth for a sparkling dashboard.

Make a simple and pocket friendly air freshener- The car air fresheners available in the market can be costly and it is not possible for everyone to buy them in abundance. Instead of the ones available in the market it makes sense to create something on own. Create an air freshener with a clothespin and a fragrant essential oil.

Cleaning the car ac vents- The ac vents of your Mercedes Benz can collect dust and dirt over time. Keeping them clean is important for good air quality. A foam craft paintbrush can help reach the interiors of the vent holes and brush away all the dust and grime away.

Clean the crevices inside the car- The crevices are hard to reach and cleaning them thus becomes a difficult job. For technicians handling Mercedes-Benz repair Greensboro NC it is easy to carry out the cleaning job. When you are doing it yourself the only thing you can do is cover a flat head screwdriver with a cloth and gently use it to remove the grime. Alternatively you can also take a soft toothbrush to clean the collected mess in the crevices.

Cleaning tip for cup holder- The cup holder in your Mercedes Benz can also get dirty quickly but there is a simple tip to clean it. Take a cup the same size of the cup holder and cover it with an old sock. Dampen the sock with a cleaning solution and insert the cup and twist it until the cup holder is completely clean.

There are simple DIY tips for interior car detailing. It is not necessary to invest in expensive things. Instead you can change the way it appears with simple DIY tricks.

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