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How Summer Heat Claims Your Car’s Battery Life

When the sun shines brightly, it is not only you who feels the scorching rays. It is your Land Rover Greensboro, too, that takes the beating. Believe it or not, the car’s battery suffers the worst hit, and most vehicle owners don’t have the slightest idea. They think that it is the cold winters that take a toll on the batteries, but in reality, it is the summer heat that takes out the life of your car’s batteries. The result is you get stuck in the middle of the road because you did it anticipate that there can at all be a problem. Batteries are not designed to last for a lifetime. After a certain period, the batteries would need replacement. There are two reasons for killing a battery- overcharging and excessive heat. All that extreme heat causes the battery fluid to evaporate, thereby damaging the battery’s internal structure. A malfunctioning component in the charging system, such as the voltage regulator, allows a high charging rate, resulting in the battery dying away gradually.

Taking Care of the Battery of your Land Rover Greensboro

So if you want to keep the battery in good shape, you need to know a few things. Following are the things that could be of help:

  • Ensure that the battery is getting charged at the pace it should be. Overcharging or undercharging is not suitable for your Land Rover Greensboro NC battery.
  • If your Land Rover’s battery needs to be topped off, then regular inspection is mandatory, especially during the hot weather. If you see the battery is too hot, then you can consider adding some distilled water.
  • No compromises on the battery quality. Better to get it replaced with one which is as good as the last one.
  • Pay heed to cleanliness. The battery should be cleaned especially the top of the battery. Dirt on the battery can serve as a conductor draining essential battery power. With corrosion on the battery terminals it will act as an insulator hindering current flow.

Experts handling Land Rover are of the opinion that it is the way that one drives that is also responsible for the battery life. Too much of rough driving or frequent cycle on/offs can be responsible for draining the battery quickly. There are signs that your car would give out if the battery is not working fine. Check if the head lights or interior lights are dim or accessories that don’t function correctly. All these are indicative of a drained out battery.

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